PROOF: 8 Out of 10 Americans Agree about This!

Illegal Aliens

( – The vast majority of Americans of all political affiliations agree that Title 42, the Trump-era policy allowing illegal immigrant expulsion on public health grounds, should be kept in force, a new poll has found.

Roughly four-fifths of Republicans, Democrats, and independents said Title 42 needed to be preserved, according to the Harvard CAPS and Harris survey results.

The poll results come just as the US Supreme Court ruled to block the termination of the expulsion policy at least until February.

In November, a Washington, DC-based liberal judge ruled that Title 42 should be terminated, but a lawsuit by Republican-led states has disputed his decision.

Since it was adopted in March 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Title 42 was used to expel some 2.5 million illegal migrants. Roughly 6 million illegals have come to the US since Joe Biden became president almost two years ago.

The Harvard/Harris poll asked a total of 1,851 registered voter respondents the following question:

“Title 42 is a regulation providing that because of COVID, those who attempt to cross the border illegally can be sent to Mexico to wait for a court date. Do you think that provision should be continued and those asylum seekers kept out of the US, or do you think the rule should be repealed and those migrants allowed to come into the US to wait for a court date?”

Precisely 80% of Republicans, 79% of Democrats, and 76% of independents declared they would like the expulsion policy to be preserved.

Among Hispanic and Latino Americans, the number was 67%, and among black Americans – 77%.

A report by Breitbart News notes that the new survey shows high public support for Title 42 compared with other public opinion polls.

“This difference likely shows how the public uses the Title 42 law as a legalistic cover for their rejection of the relentless cheerleading for more wealth-shifting migration by the establishment media, CEOs, and political leaders,” the report comments.

At the same time, though, it notes that President Joe Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas – described as a “Cuban-born, pro-migration zealot – has “dismantled” the implementation of Title 42 for the most part.

Thus, in November, seven of ten newly arriving illegals were allowed to remain in the US “to compete for jobs and housing.”

Those who get rejected turn to Mexican drug cartels for smuggling services. More than 1 million of the 6 million illegals who have entered the US on Biden and Mayorkas’ watch are gotaways who were never apprehended at the border, according to Customs and Border Protection estimates.

The report points out that Biden’s White House is seeking to nix Title 42 and replace it with “fig-leaf policies” to allow “the establishment media, Democrats, and the GOP” to fake measures for combating illegal immigration while still letting migrants come in.