Pipeline Workers ‘Devastated’ by Biden Keystone Decision – DC Watchdog

Pipeline Workers ‘Devastated’ by Biden Keystone Decision

In the video report below, a CBS News reporter admits that President Biden is killing jobs and devastating pipeline workers with his decision to kill the Keystone Pipeline.

Asked how pipeline workers are reacting to John Kerry saying those workers can start making solar panels, CBS reporter Cara Korte admitted, “They’re pretty devastated. This has really upended their livelihood. I spoke to one union laborer, Tyler…he’s worked on pipelines for 13 years, and he explained to me a couple things. One is how vital pipeline work is to these workers. It’s very good work if you can get it. It’s usually six days a week, 10 hours a day, so that gives them 20 hours of overtime that they can count on which obviously subsidizes a lot of their living. But, Tyler also told me…I can’t transfer these skills into building a solar panel. So, these workers are devasted at this point…and what they’re really disappointed in is the federal government. They don’t trust that they’re going to be taken care of because there is no current transition plan even though the Biden administration say they have these goals to create a green economy, right now as we saw with the thousand people who lost their jobs on Keystone there is no transition plan in place.”

Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree with the pipeline worker who told the reporter that Biden is killing good jobs and that it’s devastating for the workers?