Perdue Slams Kemp Over Illegal Immigration in Georgia GOP Primary Race

David Perdue and Brian Kemp

( – Former Georgia GOP Senator David Perdue is not happy with his state’s current governor, also a Republican. Perdue, seeking to oust Governor Brian Kemp in the upcoming GOP primary election, says the state is in disarray with Georgia’s growing illegal alien population.

According to Perdue, Governor Kemp has no problem with the many sanctuary cities that currently exist in Georgia.

In an interview with Newsmax, the former senator stated, “Murders and rapes are up 40% in Atlanta and Atlanta’s murder rates are greater than those of Chicago. We have more illegal immigrants in Georgia now than four years ago when our governor was elected. We actually have more illegal immigrants in Georgia than in Arizona and people are tired of it.”

Reducing the illegal alien population in Georgia is a major reason why Perdue seeks to become the state’s next governor.

Only 3% of all Georgia counties have signed with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to deport illegals that come into their areas. According to Perdue, Florida has an agreement with ICE in 70% of counties.

Perdue raised Democrat Stacey Abrams’s impact on Governor Kemp and last year’s enacted election legislation. “We totally invalidated with a consent decree all voter ID laws here in Georgia and consequently in absentee ballots, which was about a third of our election. We saw the tremendous illegal activity that happened there,” said Perdue.

The former senator inferred that Kemp gave into Abrams. In recent months, Abrams has been very vocal about Georgia’s election laws, claiming they discriminate against minorities.

Governor Kemp is set to sign a new law dealing with state elections. However, David Perdue is not convinced the new legislation does what truly needs to be done. He feels it will not be enforced, and the current problems will continue.

Perdue reminded people that former President Donald Trump is very popular in Georgia during his interview. Because of Trump’s influence, Perdue feels he will do well in the election.

As for Abrams, Perdue stated, “The number one goal here is to make sure Stacey Abrams and the liberal mob don’t take the state of Georgia.”