Pelosi Drools Over Biden (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi

( – According to several objective political experts, the video below is a shining example of how out of touch Democrats are with the American people when it comes to the economic pain most folks are feeling all across the country.

During a Sunday morning appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” talking heads program, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi — a California Democrat who served as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives until Republicans wrested control of the House in the last election — all but drooled over Joe Biden as she praised what she believes to be his accomplishments and qualities as President of the United States.

You can watch the full video clip just a bit further down this post.

As part of her response to a question about the state of the economy and why Americans don’t believe Biden is doing a good job, Pelosi stated:

“I’m so proud of this president…This president did such a remarkable job. He is a person of such knowledge, such vision for the country, such knowledge of the issues, such strategic thinking, and such a legislator. And, on top of it all, a person who connects with the American people.”

Here is the full video clip: