Pelosi Break-In Caught on Video

Pelosi Home

( – Illegal immigrant David DePape’s break-in to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home last week was captured on US Capitol Police cameras, but nobody was monitoring them, a report has revealed.

Last Friday morning, 42-year-old Canadian DePape, who has been living in the US illegally after his visa expired years ago, broke into Pelosi’s home to capture her and force her to answer his questions.

The 82-year-old Democrat Speaker of the US House of Representatives was not at home at the time, so the intruder ended up in a physical fight with her husband, multimillionaire Paul Pelosi, also 82, fracturing his skull at the time police officers arrived.

DePape has been indicted on multiple federal and state charges that could send him to prison for decades or even for life.

A report by The Washington Post citing US government sources has now revealed the Capitol Police cameras recorded footage of a man smashing a glass panel with a hammer to enter the residence.

The report said Capitol Police put up the security cameras at Nancy Pelosi’s home in San Francisco more than eight years ago.

The Speaker has had full-time security guards since the storming of the US Capitol by protesters on January 6, 2021.

However, no Capitol Police officers were observing the camera feeds from her San Francisco residence when the break-in happened because, at the time, she was in Washington, DC.

The report said Capitol Police monitor about 1,800 security cameras at the US Capitol and remote locations such as Nancy Pelosi’s house in San Francisco.

It revealed that by the time a Capitol Police officer noticed unusual activity at Pelosi’s home through the live camera feeds, police lights were flashing outside the residence, long after DePape had already broken in.

Earlier this week, in the wake of the Pelosi house incident, Capitol Police chief J. Thomas Manger issued a statement urging more security measures to protect the members of the US Congress.

“We believe today’s political climate calls for more resources to provide additional layers of physical security for members of Congress,” Manger said, as cited by The New York Times and Newsmax.

“This plan would include an emphasis on adding redundancies to the measures that are already in place for congressional leadership,” he added while refusing to offer details.

“Hopefully, you can understand that we cannot disclose the details about these improvements because our country cannot afford to make it easier for any potential bad actors,” Manger concluded.