Opening Arguments Today

( – Marking a new chapter in his drawn-out legal troubles, twelve jurors and four alternates have been chosen for Hunter Biden’s historic criminal trial, which will start today with opening arguments.

More than 60 jurors were interviewed as part of the selection process. The group was selected after answering questions about their experience with guns, views on law enforcement, history of political donations, political views, and exposure to news about Hunter’s federal gun charges.

Potential jurors were filtered out for various reasons, which included social interactions with the Biden family and an inability to assess the case impartially. The questions were specific to the case’s details and unique circumstances.

Likewise, U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika provided potential jurors with a list of questions to gauge their views and experiences. If a prospective juror answered “yes” to any question, Noreika would ask follow-up questions and allow both sides to do the same.

Subsequently, Noreika dismissed the selected jurors Monday afternoon after giving the appropriate instructions. She urged them not to read or listen to anything about the case to ensure their impartiality until rendering a verdict.

While Jill Biden spent her 73rd birthday at the courthouse supporting her stepson, Joe Biden said in a statement that he is “proud” of his son and his recovery from drug addiction.

In addition, Hunter left the courthouse a few minutes later, holding hands with his wife, Melissa Cohen Biden. They immediately entered a Secret Service vehicle and left downtown Wilmington, where Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign is headquartered.

Trailing Hunter was his defense attorney, Abbe D. Lowell, and his friend and patron, Kevin Morris. After providing Biden with roughly $6.5 million in financial assistance, Morris is reportedly cutting off funding for Biden’s legal defense.

The proceedings will resume soon with the prosecution’s opening statement outlining its case against Hunter.

Special counsel David Weiss’s team is prosecuting Hunter on three federal gun charges related to a firearm purchase he made in October 2018 while battling an addiction to crack cocaine.

After opening statements, the prosecution will bring witnesses and introduce evidence to support the case against the defendant.

Hunter faces two false statements charges for allegedly stating he was not addicted to a controlled substance at the time of the gun purchase. The third charge is for allegedly possessing the weapon for eleven days while addicted to a controlled substance.

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