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One in Six Biden Voters Regret Their Vote

This is a stunning development that proves what many Trump voters and supporters believe.


A new report from the Media Research Center shows that the media’s lack of coverage and big tech’s suppression of certain issues and scandals surrounding Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden could have cost President Donald Trump the election,” according to The Federalist, a conservative publication.

The survey results report that 17 percent of Biden voters would not have voted for the Biden-Harris presidential ticket if they had known about at least one of the eight news stories that were suppressed by big tech and mainstream media outlets… [emphasis added]

Some of these topics include former Biden staffer Tara Reade and her sexual assault allegations against Biden, the Hunter Biden scandal, VP Nominee Kamala Harris’s extreme liberal voting record in the Senate, the U.S.’s economic jump in the third quarter, millions of jobs added, America’s energy independence, Operation Warp Speed successes, and Trump’s facilitation of multiple peace deals in the Middle East…

Over a quarter of Biden voters said they didn’t know Sen. Harris had the most liberal voting record in the Senate in 2019, and nearly half of all Biden voters polled, 49 percent, said they were unaware of the U.S.’s remarkable economic recovery in the third quarter, doubling the previous record. [emphasis added]

“One in six Biden voters polled, 17 percent, said they would have changed their vote had they been aware of these stories. The report also found that without even voting for Trump and simply refusing to vote for Biden, ‘these voters would have handed all six of these states, and a second term, to the president if the news media had properly informed them about the two candidates.'” [emphasis added]

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