Obama To Young People: Do THIS

Barack Obama

(DCWatchdog.com) – Under the guise of sharing the advice he has given to his daughters, former President Barack Obama offered what he thinks all young people should do with their lives.

According to Obama, as published by CNBC in, “Barack Obama shares his No. 1 piece of advice for his own daughters: Don’t let your hunger for success ruin your happiness“:

‘What you want is a balance,’ Obama told LinkedIn News’ “This Is Working” podcast on Thursday. ‘Young people [should be] looking for work that they find interesting, that they can throw themselves into, but not [as] a substitute for the other aspects of our lives — volunteering, family, friendships, civic engagement — that make for a well-rounded life.’

The problem, Obama added, is that a lot of people view “success” as attaining money, a job title or professional status. ‘So much of what’s important in life may not come through your work,’ he said.

“His advice for his two daughters, both of whom are in their 20s: Don’t let your hunger for success keep you from enjoying life.” [emphasis added]

Going further, Obama said:

“The happiest, ‘most successful people’ are the ones who prioritize their personal lives just as much as their professional ones, Obama said.

“‘Hopefully, you will have wonderful people that you work with and make lasting friendships — but a lot of your friends are going to be people you don’t work with,’ he said. ‘Your family, the hours that you’re home, are going to be probably more meaningful for you over the long term. Those intimate relationships that you have.'” [emphasis added]

What is your opinion about Obama’s advice to young people? In your mind, is Obama a good or bad role model for American youth? Share your thoughts and views by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.