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Notorious Lib Applauds Bathroom Harassment of Sen. Sinema

( – Have we reached the low point in American politics where there are folks – including nationally televised political pundits – who believe it is okay for so-called activists to follow a United States Senator into a bathroom to film her and verbally assault her while she and others are using the toilets in the stalls?

Evidently, we have sunk that far into the political gutter. At least when it comes to one notorious political commentator, Ana Navaro, known for her unhinged rants and ultra-liberal commentary on CNN.

To understand just how pathetic Navaro’s position is, you have to know what happened over the weekend. In a nutshell, U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema was teaching a weekend class at a university back in her home state of Arizona when immigration activists – some of whom gladly announced they were in the country illegally – allegedly entered the university illegally, went to Sinema’s classroom, and began verbally assaulting her concerning her political positions and votes in the Senate.

The so-called activists then followed Sen. Sinema into a university bathroom – all the while filming her – and continued to verbally assault her while Sinema and other women were using the toilets in the stalls.

Disgusting, right?

Evidently, not too disgusting for CNN paid commentator Navaro. While Navaro gave lip service to what anyone knows is right – that you shouldn’t follow anyone into a bathroom – Navaro went on to suggest that it’s Sinema’s fault for not holding enough public events to listen to constituents and take their questions. As if that excuses the behavior of the so-called activists.

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