Non-Citizens Granted US Voting Rights?!

( – With a move seemingly eroding the rights of American citizens, the Democrat-dominated state legislature of Massachusetts is seeking to grant specific categories of non-citizens the right to vote in elections.

Democratic party lawmakers in the Massachusetts House of Representatives and Senate have proposed allowing foreign nationals who are also US permanent residents – so-called “Green Card holders” – the right to vote at the municipal level, Breitbart News reports.

The Massachusetts General Court, the legislature, is entirely dominated by the left, meaning the proposal will most likely be approved.

The state House of Representatives presently has 134 Democrats, 25 Republicans, and one independent, while the state Senate features 37 Democrats and 3 Republicans.

As the series of bills put forth by the leftist lawmakers would grant municipal voting rights to foreigners residing permanently in the US, that “would mean foreign nationals could cast deciding votes in Massachusetts towns and cities,” Breitbart points out.

Thus, non-citizens holding a Green Card would be able to vote in a long list of elections:  for mayor, school committee, city council, town council, board of selectmen, select board elections, school committee referendums, local ballot referendums, or other municipal races.

The pro-immigrant bills are first supposed to be considered by the election law committees of the state House of Representatives and the State Senate.

The new legislation is sponsored by several Democrat lawmakers, such as James Eldridge, Samantha Montaño, and Mike Connolly.

“Immigrants are essential to our communities … many are on the path to citizenship but lack the ability to apply, but they need to have a say in how public services are funded and governed,” declared an official with the group MassVOTE.

The official from the pro-immigrant nonprofit spoke before Massachusetts legislators during a hearing on the bills last month.

In other states in New England, Democratic Party lawmakers are also seeking to grant voting rights to different groups of non-citizens.

In states such as Rhode Island and Connecticut, the Democrats are “desperately” seeking to finalize the passage of such legislation this year.

Unlike the Massachusetts case, however, those also seek to give the right to vote even to illegal aliens, not only foreigners residing legally in the country.