‘No One’s Pushing Me Out’


(DCWatchdog.com) – In a demonstration of stubbornness, which is welcome for the GOP and its presumed presidential nominee, Donald Trump, President Joe Biden has vowed to remain in the 2024 race by stating that “no one’s pushing me out” – despite his dwindling support and abysmal debate performance.

During a Democratic National Committee call on Wednesday, President Joe Biden, supported by Vice President Kamala Harris, firmly stated his intention to continue in the presidential race.

“Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can, as simply and straightforward as I can: I am running . . . no one’s pushing me out,” Biden declared to staff members, as reported by Politico.

“I’m not leaving. I’m in this race to the end, and we’re going to win,” he added, cited by National Review.

Biden’s emphatic commitment to maintain his position on the Democratic ticket arises amidst a tumultuous period for his campaign, marked by an urgent need to consolidate support among his party’s legislators.

To date, Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) stands alone among elected Democrats in publicly urging the president to withdraw his re-election bid, although other party members have subtly expressed their reservations.

The issue of Biden’s capability to continue leading the Democratic Party was spotlighted following his recent debate performance.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi commented on MSNBC, highlighting that his debate showing raises “a legitimate question” regarding his ongoing suitability as the party’s leading candidate.

Moreover, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) expressed significant concerns on a local news outlet about Biden’s appearance during the debate, suggesting a need for transparency regarding his condition, urging the president and his team “to be candid.”

Recent surveys conducted by Democratic data firm OpenLabs underscore Biden’s challenges, showing his lagging performance behind Trump in several critical battleground states.

Additionally, states not traditionally considered as swing states, such as New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Virginia, now appear competitive, as indicated by a poll leaked to Puck News.

In this turbulent political landscape, other prominent Democrats like California Governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, along with Vice President Harris, are shown to outperform Biden in these key states.

The editorial board of the New York Times recently questioned his capability to lead, suggesting that Biden, “not the man he was four years ago,” should consider exiting the race.

Similarly, an unsigned editorial from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution called for his withdrawal “for the good of the nation he has served so admirably for half a century.”

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