Nikki: Trump ‘Feels Threatened’

Nikki Haley

( – Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley recently fired back at former President Trump for his comments about her Indian heritage, suggesting that these attacks stem from his insecurity, ensuring that Trump “feels threatened.”

Trump has been known for targeting Haley over her background, often mispronouncing her name and hinting that her presidential aspirations are unattainable due to her immigrant parentage.

These tactics echo his previous “birther” campaign against former President Obama.

However, Haley remains seemingly unfazed by Trump’s remarks.

“I laugh every time I see one of his tweets, every time I see him throw a temper tantrum because I know Donald Trump very well,” Haley stated on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” She views his outbursts as signs of feeling threatened or insecure, something she says she observed during their time working together.

Focusing on the larger picture, Haley emphasized, “This is not personal for me. What is personal for me is getting America back on track.”

She also sidestepped labeling Trump’s comments as racist, leaving that judgment to the public. Instead, she questioned whether such behavior is fitting for a president.

As the race heats up, Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, has intensified her critiques of Trump, eyeing a primary victory in her home state as a crucial step toward her presidential ambitions.

Despite Trump’s strong showing in recent primaries, including a significant lead in South Carolina, Haley remains determined in her campaign efforts.