Nikki Slams Biden

( – In what can only be described as a gut-wrenching but justified assessment, 2024 GOP presidential nomination hopeful Nikki Haley destroyed Joe Biden by declaring that under him, the United States of America is “the weakest [it has] ever been.”

In a Newsmax interview on Thursday, Haley, a former US ambassador to the UN and former South Carolina governor, expressed tremendous concerns about America under Biden.

“When people ask me what keeps me up at night, I always say between today and election day, because our enemies know this is the weakest we’ve ever been,” she told the “Wake Up America” program.

“They see the southern border that’s open. They see the fact that we don’t have a president that’s taking care of what we need to,” the 2024 GOP nomination candidate added.

Haley slammed the administration’s response to attacks on American forces by Iranian proxies.

“Look in Iraq and Syria right now. Our military men and women, I’m the wife of a combat veteran, and my husband’s deployed. The fact that [possibly Iranian] strikes are hitting military bases, and we’re not doing anything about it… Biden approved a visa for the Iranian foreign minister to come to New York today… It’s lunacy,” the former ambassador to the UN added.

She insisted it was vital for the US to support both Moscow’s Ukraine, and Islamist terrorists’ victim Israel because of an alliance between Communist China, Putin’s Russia, and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“It is important that we do both. And the reason is this is a bigger picture. There’s an unholy alliance between China and Russia who have named themselves unlimited partners, and Iran. China is importing more oil from Iran and getting billions of dollars that’s spreading terrorism. Russia’s getting their drones and missiles from Iran,” Haley explained.

“When you look at Ukraine, there’s no one that wants us to help the Ukrainians more than the Taiwanese. Why? Because if Ukraine wins, China won’t go into Taiwan. There’s no one that wants the Israelis to get support more than the Ukrainians because they know that if we help Israel, we’re also helping them,” she elaborated.

“The worst signal we could send to the world is to say we’re going to drop Ukraine and now move on to Israel, because guess what? Eventually, we’re going to drop Israel, too. We already accepted defeat in Afghanistan,” the former ambassador pointed out.