Nikki Haley Slams Biden

Nikki Haley

( – Republican heavyweight Nikki Haley has lambasted President Joe Biden’s recent alarmist comments about the possibility of a nuclear “Armageddon” that Russian leader Vladimir Putin could spark.

In a Fox News interview, Haley, a former GOP Governor of South Carolina and President Trump’s former Ambassador to the United Nations, described Biden’s remarks as “irresponsible.”

“Regardless of the situation you never go and scare Americans,” said Haley, who has made it clear she would run for president in 2024 if Donald Trump, for some reason, doesn’t do so himself.

“You get in front of the situation and work with the National Security Agency and say should this happen, here’s how we are going to do his job,” she added.

Haley criticized Biden for practically revealing to Moscow that he is scared of the nuclear arsenal fielded by the Russian leader even though the US President ought to be focused on deterring Putin.

At the same time, the former US top diplomat at the UN did agree that the Moscow strongman is “dangerous,” particularly as he is failing in his invasion of Ukraine and mulls detonating tactical nukes to try to reverse the course of the war.

“We should know that when a tyrant says they’re going to do something, we should believe them. We saw that with Putin. He said he was going to take Ukraine, and we saw him do that,” Haley said.

“[Yet,] you don’t run scared. You put your foot on the gas and make sure that they know if anything happens, we will respond with strength and aggressively. Putin does not want that,” she elaborated.

The former diplomat also blasted Biden for failing to handle Communist China, whose President Xi Jinping will likely become “ruler for life” in the upcoming Chinese Communist Party congress.

“When I was at the United Nations, I had a team that did nothing but watch China’s every move. Every time they tried to put language in the resolution we pulled it, every time we try to get a higher position within the United Nations we stopped them. We have to have that approach when you deal with China,” Haley stated.

In her words, Biden has been “asleep at the wheel” to the threats coming from Communist China.

The former South Carolina governor emphasized that the president had also suffered a significant failure in dealing with Saudi Arabia and other oil producers from the OPEC cartel.

“When you call for the rest of the world to make Saudi Arabia an international pariah, you go and fall all over yourself to return to the Iran deal it upsets all the other countries,” said Haley.

“Now the fact that he wants dirty oil from Venezuela, which has committed crimes against humanity, is ludicrous. We can do what we need to do here,” she elaborated.