Nikki Comes Out Swinging at Biden and Trump

( – Prominent Republican Nikki Haley on Wednesday became the second person after former President Donald Trump to announce a candidacy for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination and the White House.

The former Trump ally kicked off her 2024 presidential campaign with a speech on Wednesday in Charleston, South Carolina.

Haley, 51, born in the US to immigrant parents from India, served as South Carolina’s Republican Governor from 2011 until 2017. In 2017-2018, she was the US Ambassador to the United Nations under then-President Donald Trump.

In her campaign kickoff speech, Haley criticized the older generation of politicians in the nation’s ruling elite, a likely reference to President Joe Biden, 80, and Trump, 76.

“We’re ready to move past the stale ideas and faded names of the past, and we are more than ready for a new generation to lead us into the future,” said the former US ambassador and state governor.

“Today, our enemies think that the American era has passed. They’re wrong. America is not past our prime, it’s just that our politicians are past theirs,” Haley declared later in her address.

“We won’t win the fight for the 21st century if we keep trusting politicians from the 20th century,” she added, as cited by The National Review.

The former South Carolina governor called for introducing term limits for members of the US Congress and subjecting politicians over 75 to mandatory mental competency tests.

At the same time, she described herself and the “new generation” as the road the Republican Party should take as it lost the popular vote in seven of the last eight presidential elections.

“Our cause is right, but we have failed to win the confidence of a majority of Americans. Well, that ends today. If you’re tired of losing, then put your trust in a new generation,” Haley stated.

She attacked Democrat President Joe Biden, enumerating the nation’s multiple crises under his administration – from inflation and supply chain issues to drugs, border policing, and lack of police.

“Nobody embodies that failure more than Joe Biden. Joe Biden isn’t even leading from behind. He’s not leading at all,” Haley declared.

“On his watch, a terrorist mob conquered Afghanistan – and killed our troops. Iran is on the brink of getting the bomb. North Korea is launching more missiles than ever. Russia started the biggest war in Europe in 75 years… [China is the] strongest and most disciplined enemy [America has seen],” said the former US Ambassador to the UN.

Haley, the first female Asian American governor and the first Indian American to serve in the Cabinet, defended the United States from the left’s constant accusations of racism.

“Take it from me, the first minority female governor in history, America is not a racist country,” she declared, calling out Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for overseeing a “self-loathing” sweeping the nation.

“Every day, we’re told America is flawed, rotten, and full of hate. Joe and Kamala even say America is racist. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Nikki Haley said.

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