Newt: Bye-Bye Biden

( – For the first time, Newt Gingrich has gone on record about why he believes when all is said and done, Joe Biden will not be the Democrat candidate for President come November.

During a chat on “Hannity” on Fox News, Gingrich shared his views on Biden’s struggles with voters and how Trump is ahead on key issues like the economy. The conversation turned when Hannity asked about Vice President Kamala Harris backing Biden. Gingrich shifted gears to talk about his belief that Democrats might look for someone else in 2024 due to Biden’s “cognitive decline” and the chance of an internal party clash against his candidacy.

Gingrich said, “Sean, tonight really for the first time, I’m beginning to think maybe Biden will not be the nominee. I say that because of the rate of his cognitive decline, the number of recent examples, where he couldn’t remember what he was saying, or couldn’t remember who he was talking to … at some point there may be a genuine rebellion in the Democratic Party that says we can’t put this guy up this fall, because he’ll be helpless. The NBC News report, the poll they did, was devastating. Almost a day later, CNN had a similar poll. It’s very clear that Biden right now is drifting into Jimmy Carter territory, where people just think he’s not competent.”

Hannity and Gingrich also talked about who could replace Biden. Names like Michelle Obama came up. Gingrich thinks the challenge will be getting Biden and Jill to agree to step aside. He sees the latest polls as a big red flag for Democrats, indicating Biden might not be their best bet.

Gingrich added, “Kamala Harris could make the argument she should be the replacement. In the left-wing of the Democratic Party that would be fine. The rest of the country would recoil in horror, and she would lose in a landslide. You know, you could have the governor of California, who you’ve had on to debate with Ron DeSantis. You could have the governor of Michigan or Pennsylvania. It’s very hard to imagine Michelle Obama, but I have close friends, who are very smart, who are absolutely convinced that she’s going to be the replacement, because she trumps Kamala Harris in being a black woman on a national ticket.”

He then noted the gravity of the situation based on recent polls, suggesting Democrats need a new strategy. “It just hit me. It’s all coming in, and it made me realize that we really have to think about the possibility that he may just collapse – the plausibility. That’s where the NBC poll and the follow-up CNN poll are a real warning to the Democrats. Remember also, in the NBC poll, the Republicans are now ahead by a significant margin. Which party do you want to have run the Congress? If you’re a democratic operative, you’re looking at a catastrophe at least comparable to 1980 with Ronald Reagan. You begin to think, ‘Well, what do we do to avoid this?’ And the answer can’t involve Joe Biden.”

An NBC News poll showed Biden lagging behind Trump on issues like the border, health, and crime. As 2023 ended, Democrats were worried they hadn’t done enough to improve their chances, signaling a rough path ahead for Biden’s campaign.