NEW VIDEO: How Can Jen Psaki Make THIS Claim?!?

( – One truth about Washington DC life is that those who make their living there quickly lose touch with the lives of most Americans.

It is worth noting that seven of America’s ten richest counties are located within just miles of Washington, DC. They are not subject to economic pain or inflation like most Americans.

Jen Psaki, President Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary, is so out-of-touch with her fellow Americans, she stood before the White House Press Corps today to try and convince Americans that inflation has fallen.

Seriously, she did.

Watch the video below, where Psaki says: “We have seen inflationary figures go down month to month.”

Does she realize Americans are paying record-high gas prices to get to work?

Does she realize what the cost of food is these days?

Has she seen what it takes to rent even a tiny apartment?

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