New: Trump Destroys Biden (Video)

( – During a recent Fox News Town Hall event featuring former President Donald Trump, Trump brutally ripped into Joe Biden.

Trump did so because Biden announced that the United States of America had run out of ammunition.

As Trump said at the town hall event, “Who the hell would say that — even if it’s true?”

You can watch the video clip further down this post.

Discussing the current state of the U.S. Armed Forces with Sean Hannity of Fox News, Trump said:

“I’d have to rebuild our military to an extent. I did it once fully. We were so stocked up with ammunition. So now, I more than anything, I’d have to build up the ammunition because we don’t have any ammunition. Think of it. You’re a country watching the United States; you used to have fear of the United States and respect. And now you have a president that can’t even speak properly, and he’s saying, ‘We don’t have any ammunition.’ Who the hell would say that? By the way, even if it was true, who would say it?”

Here is the video clip of former President Donald Trump ripping Joe Biden at a recent Fox News Town Hall event: