NEW: These Cops Are Quitting In Record Numbers

( – The New York Police Department (NYPD) is facing a record-breaking number of resignations this year as the alarming exodus continues.

According to new data obtained by The New York Post, 239 officers quit their jobs in January and February, a 36% increase from 176 officers who resigned in the same period last year and a 117% jump from the 110 officers in 2021. This is the highest number of resignations in the first two months of a year since 250 members quit in 2007 during a contentious contract dispute.

Patrick Lynch, the President of the Police Benevolent Association, said, “The NYPD staffing emergency is approaching the point of no return.” He added that the NYPD is losing cops to other policing jobs almost every day due to better pay and benefits.

The Manhattan cop, who spoke to The Post, said the department simply “doesn’t know how to manage personnel.” The officer added that precinct cops are being forced to work an inhumane amount of overtime, including on their days off, while being penalized for minor uniform and administrative infractions. The officer also said precincts barely have enough personnel to meet the minimum required to answer 911 calls safely.

The departure of officers from the NYPD began after the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, which triggered nationwide protests and calls to defund the police. The Manhattan cop said hundreds of cops are being hidden under fake assignments or assigned to headquarters sitting at a desk all day. They are considered ‘untouchable’ for patrol or enforcement duty because they have high-ranking supervisors protecting them.

Many officers are quitting the NYPD because of what they consider anti-cop politics, woke bail reform policies that make criminal justice a revolving door, and low wages. Some officers are so disgusted that the carrot of an NYPD pension isn’t enough to keep them in their jobs.

At the current rate, 1,400 cops are projected to resign this year before qualifying for retirement – even more than last year’s record 1,297 early exits.

The NYPD’s 33,822 uniformed cops are already 1,208 below the budgeted headcount and 2,467 cops short of the 36,289 roster at the start of 2020. As a result, almost every precinct in New York City is understaffed, police sources said, and it’s showing up in response time data.

NYPD data shows that every crime category except for murders and shootings is up over the past two years.

Maria Haberfeld, a police science professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, said high cop attrition makes it harder to enact needed reforms. Haberfeld added that forced overtime can be effective only for a limited period before people collapse mentally and physically.

Lynch warned that “the city needs to focus on resolving our contract and providing competitive pay, better benefits, and better quality of life for its police officers. If that doesn’t happen very, very soon, we won’t have a police department left.”

However, City Hall representative Fabien Levy said in a statement that public safety is the administration’s top priority and that the NYPD remains fully prepared to keep New Yorkers safe and respond to all emergencies.