NEW PROOF: Chinese Lab Leak Behind COVID-19

( – BREAKING NOW: The US Energy Department has come up with a stunning conclusion in a classified report that the virus that causes COVID-19 most likely leaked from a Chinese laboratory.

This report was based on new intelligence and was sent to the White House and key members of Congress.

This conclusion comes more than a year after the FBI concluded that a lab accident in China was the origin of the disease, killing over 6.8 million people worldwide and 1.1 million in the US.

The FBI’s conclusion was made with “moderate confidence” and remains the bureau’s opinion, while the Energy Department made its determination with “low confidence.”

The Energy Department’s judgment is considered important because it oversees the American nuclear weapons program and runs a network of national labs, which gives it a great deal of scientific expertise.

The sources who have read the classified report declined to detail the new intelligence cited by the Energy Department.

In response to the report, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that there is a variety of views in the intelligence community and that the origin of COVID-19 remains under investigation.

The National Intelligence Council and four other unidentified agencies still believe with “low confidence” that the virus first spread to humans due to natural transmission from an infected animal.

The Central Intelligence Agency and another unidentified agency reportedly remain undecided on the lab leak and natural transmission theories.

In conclusion, the new report by the Energy Department that the virus that causes COVID-19 most likely leaked from a Chinese laboratory is significant because of the department’s scientific expertise, and it supports what many Americans have believed all along.