NEW: Biden’s Brother Secretly Recorded

( – A new indication has emerged that the Bidens have been cashing in the family name thanks to Joe Biden’s political career as a report has disclosed that the president’s brother, James, was taped secretly by the FBI in a 1990s bribery investigation involving his DC-based consulting firm.

This case involved Mississippi trial attorney Richard Scruggs, who paid $100,000 to James and Sara Biden’s consulting firm in the late 1990s.

Scruggs had employed the services of James Biden’s consulting firm in Washington, DC, while rallying support for tobacco legislation considered by Congress in 1998, as reported by the Washington Post, as cited by The New York Post.

Neither James, 74, nor President Biden, 81, were implicated in any significant criminal misconduct in this matter.

However, this revelation surfaces amidst an impeachment investigation concerning alleged influence trading by members of the president’s family, The NY Post stresses.

“I probably wouldn’t have hired him if he wasn’t the senator’s brother. Jim was never untoward about his influence. He didn’t brag about it or talk about it. He didn’t have to. He was the man’s brother,” Scruggs said, explaining his decision to hire James Biden.

At the time, Scruggs was working towards a major settlement with tobacco companies over allegations they concealed the addictive nature of their products.

Joe Biden, then a key figure on the Senate Judiciary Committee, eventually became a significant supporter of the tobacco bill despite initial reluctance.

The bill ultimately did not pass in Congress, with Biden attributing its failure to a vigorous campaign by the tobacco industry influencing Republicans.

Lion Hall, the consulting firm owned by James and Sara Biden, received multiple payments of $10,000 from Scruggs over approximately a year, seeking support from the then-Senator from Delaware.

While Scruggs was uncertain if James influenced his brother’s stance on the bill, he told the Washington Post, “I hope he did.”

A legal representative for James Biden asserted that his client’s work “has never involved speaking with or providing access to his brother.”

Republican congressional investigators have scrutinized Lion Hall, probing if it was used by the president’s brother to channel funds to the Biden family.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) highlighted a $40,000 check labeled as a “loan repayment” from James to Joe in 2017, alleging it to be “laundered” money from the China-affiliated CEFC.

Comer’s assertion is based on transactions to the president’s brother’s account.

The White House has firmly dismissed these allegations, claiming bank records showed the president had loaned money to his brother.