Navy SEAL Investigated WHY?! (Video)

( – In a case of a patriotic American being targeted for his conservative beliefs, a US Navy SEAL is being investigated for “extremist” ties after he was filmed speaking with representatives of the right-wing “Proud Boys” group during parental protests against transgender school policies.

Chief Special Warfare Operator Bryce Henson of the Navy SEALs, also known by the alias Ben Richards, is currently the subject of an investigation for his potential involvement with extremist groups, The Daily Caller reports.

This inquiry was initiated following the emergence of photos and videos showing Henson engaging with Proud Boys protesters. His participation in protests and advocacy against LGBTQ+ issues at school board and city council meetings was reported by

Henson’s actions caught the attention of a local photographer who compiled evidence of his interactions with Proud Boys members and documented claims of verbal harassment.

Naval Special Warfare has confirmed to The Caller that Henson is under investigation for “possibly participating with, or supporting, extremist causes.”

“While sailors are always allowed to exercise their rights to freedom of speech and assembly if they follow the law and policy restriction, participation with hate or extremist groups of any kind is contradictory to the core values of the Navy and is not tolerated by [Navy Special Warfare],” a spokesperson said.

Henson, who enlisted in 2010, is the self-described founder of SoCal Parent Advocates.

This group opposes Critical Race Theory, “radical gender ideology,” and mandates related to vaccines and masks. SoCal Parent Advocates, in a statement, expressed confidence in Henson’s exoneration, portraying him as a dedicated father and defender of parents’ rights.

Kelly Stuart, a photojournalist, documented Henson’s presence among Proud Boys members on January 18 and 21.

She recounted to that Henson was verbally aggressive, including using phrases like “Take your mask off, pussies” and calling people pedophiles.

Stuart’s social media posts about Henson led to others coming forward with allegations of harassment.

In August, Henson was reported by the Los Angeles Times to have led a protest against LGBTQ+ school policies, wearing a “Dad Army” T-shirt and rallying approximately 150 people.

He expressed concerns about “radical indoctrination” in schools, echoing a sentiment shared by a growing movement in California advocating for increased parental control over school curricula.

The Department of Defense, under its 2021 policy, prohibits service members from engaging with extremist organizations, defining such groups as those advocating widespread unlawful discrimination.