Nationwide Strike On Valentine’s Day

( – Not everything is love this week as ride-share and delivery drivers are hitting the brakes this Valentine’s Day.

They’re planning strikes near airports in several big cities across the U.S. This comes straight from Justice for App Workers. They’re a group that stands up for folks who make their living driving folks around and delivering stuff through apps like Uber and Lyft.

Last week, they said they’re fed up and want better pay and to feel safer on the job. They’re also tired of worrying they might get kicked off these app platforms without a good reason. They’re calling on people to stand with them and push big app companies to treat them right.

The cities where drivers won’t be picking up or dropping off at airports include Rhode Island, Austin, Chicago, Hartford, Miami, Newark, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Tampa.

Uber’s not sweating it, though. They told the press that drivers are making good money, around $33 for every hour they’re actually driving folks around or delivering orders. They even said they had more rides last Valentine’s Day, despite a strike. Uber’s also talking up how they’ve made it fairer for drivers who think they’ve been unfairly kicked off the app. They’ve got a new way to look at those decisions, and they’re trying to protect drivers from false complaints.

Lyft’s in on this too. They say they’ve been working on making things better for drivers, including making sure drivers keep at least 70% of what riders pay, after other fees are taken out. They’re also making it easier for drivers to challenge being deactivated. Lyft’s message is they’re all about treating drivers better, with new perks and clearer rules.

We’re still waiting to hear what DoorDash has to say about all this.

So, this Valentine’s Day, some drivers are parking their cars and standing up for what they believe in. They want the big app companies to listen up and make some changes.