Musk Slams Twitter Over Hunter Biden Investigation

Elon Musk

( – In a move that will be welcomed by free speech advocates, along with Republicans who believe Hunter Biden has been protected by Twitter and many in the mainstream media, Elon Musk slammed Twitter for suspending the New York Post back in 2020 after it published an investigating report on Hunter Biden’s laptop. A true and accurate report at the time and that almost every major mainstream media company has now acknowledged was accurate after they all ignored the story in the run-up to the 2020 Presidential Election.

As the Daily Caller notes in “‘Incredibly Inappropriate’: Musk Rips Twitter For Suspending The New York Post For Their Hunter Biden Story“:

“Elon Musk said in a Tuesday tweet that Twitter suspending The New York Post’s account in 2020 over their report on Hunter Biden’s laptop was ‘incredibly inappropriate.'” [emphasis added]

You can see the actual tweet further down this post.

“Twitter locked the New York Post’s (NYP) account for seven days after they published an Oct. 15, 2020, story containing emails allegedly from Biden’s laptop indicating that he and his father, President Joe Biden, met with a Ukrainian executive from the oil company Burisma.”

As Musk notes in his tweet that you can see below, it was a “truthful” report from the New York Post.

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