More Awful News for Democrats

Nancy Pelosi

( – As if the political news could get any worse for their party, a new poll all but guarantees the Democrats will lose the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate to the Republicans when the smoke clears from the upcoming November elections.

That would mean that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would be stopped dead in their tracks on anything they attempt to accomplish in the final two years of their first term in office.

As the Washington Times outlines in “NRCC poll finds 75% of voters in swing districts see Democrats as out of touch”:

Three-quarters of voters in swing districts see the Democratic Party as being “out of touch,” according to a new survey conducted by the House Republicans’ campaign arm.

“The poll, conducted by the National Republican Congressional Committee, found President Biden had a 40% approval rating in swing districts, compared to 55% of voters who disapprove…

“The same poll found 75% of voters found Democrats’ out of touch’ and ‘condescending’ toward voters.”

What are voters upset about right now?

“The voters surveyed listed the economy, jobs and inflation as their top concerns going into the 2022 midterm elections.”

Bottom line: With each passing week, it becomes more apparent that the Democrats are on board a political Titanic, and a massive iceberg is dead ahead.

What do you think? Come November, are you more inclined to vote for Republicans or Democrats? Do you agree that the economy, jobs, and inflation as the top concerns going into the 2022 midterm elections? Do you believe Democrats are “out of touch” and “condescending” toward voters? Please email your opinion to [email protected]. Thank you.