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McAuliffe: Parents Should Not Pick School Books

( – You are forgiven if you no longer watch Meet the Press on Sunday mornings. After all, hardly anyone does since Chuck Todd took over the moderator’s chair.

A once-great program when Tim Russert was the host has never recovered the respect it carried with the American people since Russert’s tragic and untimely death on June 13, 2008. And, that lack of respect is primarily due to Chuck Todd, who is a prime example of the Peter Principle when someone is repeatedly promoted until they reach the level at which they are no longer competent. That definition fits Todd perfectly.

So, assuming you didn’t watch Meet the Press this morning, you missed several whoppers that crossed the lips of Democrat Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. As an aside, when your humble editor worked in Washington, DC, the saying among Democrats and Republicans alike was that if McAuliffe’s lips are moving, he’s telling a lie.

Well, he certainly was this morning when he made two statements we want to bring to your attention.

The first wasn’t so much a lie as it is a policy position that will make socially conservative Americans’ heads spin.

McAuliffe told Todd that it’s not parents’ place to decide what school books their children read. According to McAuliffe, that decision should be left up to – wait for it – “experts.”

McAuliffe’s other statement contains the big lie – and you can watch it in the video below. McAuliffe tried to deceive the viewers but not telling the entire truth – a lie of omission.

While deliberately trying to make it seem as if his children attended public schools in Virginia, which, after all, was the subject being discussed and is the hottest public policy issue in the Virginia election, McAuliffe stated, “But Chuck, we have a great school system in Virginia. Dorothy and I have raised our five children…”

What McAuliffe didn’t say is that all five of his children went to private – not public – schools.

So, as was true when McAuliffe was Bill and Hillary Clinton’s henchman back in the 90s, if his lips are moving, he’s lying.

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