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McAfee Widow: John Was Not Suicidal

Did security software genius John McAfee – who always said he had vast knowledge about the deep state and that if he was ever found dead it would be because he was killed – commit suicide or was he murdered? His widow says he was not suicidal and she is blaming the United States government for his death.


The widow of software magnate John McAfee blames U.S. authorities for the death of her husband, claiming he was not suicidal before he was found dead in his Spanish prison cell on Wednesday,” according to The Hill.

Janice McAfee says she wants a thorough investigation into his death.

“‘His last words to me were ‘I love you and I will call you in the evening,’ those words are not words of somebody who is suicidal,’ she said Friday, according to Reuters.

“‘I blame the U.S. authorities for this tragedy. Because of these politically motivated charges against him, my husband is now dead,’ his wife said. [emphasis added]

On Wednesday, McAfee was reportedly found dead in his cell, where he was set to be extradited to the U.S. to face charges that he evaded paying taxes. Reuters reported that authorities called it an apparent suicide and that on Wednesday McAfee’s lawyer, Javier Villalba, said McAfee had died by hanging himself.” [emphasis added]

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