Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill GOP US Senator

( – Police in Minnesota have arrested a 35-year-old man for threatening to kill a US Senator from the Republican Party.

A federal grand jury indicted the suspect, Brendon Daugherty, on charges of making threats to assassinate a US official and “interstate transmission of a threat,” Fox News has reported, citing its local affiliate Fox 9 Minneapolis.

The identity of the Republican US Senator threatened by the man has not been revealed. The only information about the Senator is that they do not represent the state of Minnesota.

While awaiting trial on Tuesday, Daugherty was held in the Sherburne County Jail in Elk River, Minnesota. It wasn’t clear whether he had a lawyer to represent him.

The report is based on court documents showing that on June 11 of this year, the suspect left two voicemail messages to the targeted US Senator.

Because of the threats, office staff decided to alert the police of the US Capitol.

“You and the Republican Party should be proud that you’re pushing me to become a domestic terrorist. Have a nice [expletive] day; can’t wait to kill ya,” Daugherty’s first message said.

“I also just wanted to note, thank God the Republican Party is against gun control laws because it would keep guns out of the hands of a person that was disabled and volatile like I am, but you guys are totally against that. So I may actually get to carry out my nefarious goals,” said the second voicemail.

FBI agents visited Daugherty at his home in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, on September 2.

He told them he had made the threatening calls because the targeted US senator was “doing a bunch of stupid (expletive) with gun control,” and because politicians have to “feel a little bit pressured.”

The 35-year-old has already been convicted over threats he made. Back in October 2018, he was found guilty of two felony counts because he threatened to set fire to a Pearl Vision store in Maple Grove, Minnesota, and to harm its employees.

The reason for the threats he made at the time was that he got angry when asked to pay $80 for replacement glasses.