Majority Of Dems Hand Biden Bad News

( – In a huge blow to his reelection campaign efforts, a majority of Democrats are handing Joe Biden bad news as a recent survey has indicated that the Democratic Party is open to the idea of selecting a new candidate over him for the 2024 presidential election.

The Rasmussen poll, which surveyed 1,113 likely voters from May 20th to 22nd, revealed that 54% of Democrats are open to the idea of selecting a different candidate to represent their party.

Overall, 49% of likely voters support the Democrats choosing a new nominee, and 43% of Republicans also support this idea.

Despite this openness to change, only 38% of Democrats believed it is likely that Biden will actually be replaced, while 57% think it will not happen. This represents a change in perspective from February when 47% of likely voters felt it was probable that the Democrats would nominate someone else.

The poll also asked Democrats to consider whether other prominent figures would be better presidential candidates than Biden.

Results showed that 17% viewed Kamala Harris as a preferable option, 21% favored former First Lady Michelle Obama, and 11% supported former candidate Hillary Clinton.

Only 8% thought California Governor Gavin Newsom would make a better candidate, and 5% backed Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Notably, 31% of respondents chose “None of them” as their preference.

These findings emerged as Biden’s prospects in a potential electoral rematch against former President Donald Trump seem to diminish.

Another recent survey showed Trump leading Biden in five out of seven key swing states, with a tie in Nevada. Only Michigan currently shows Biden ahead by a narrow one-point margin.

Moreover, an additional poll indicated that Americans trust Trump more than Biden on key issues such as immigration, crime, and the economy, which are expected to significantly influence the upcoming presidential election.

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