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Liz Cheney: Trump Betrayed ‘Millions of People’

( At times, it seems as if Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) believes her job is to go on national television and politically attack former President Donald J. Trump as often as she can.

This weekend, Cheney demonstrated her desire to repeatedly call Trump a traitor to the United States by going on 60 Minutes, the CBS News program that is one of the most-watched news programs in the world and give an extended interview to CBS News correspondent Lesley Stahl.

During that interview, Cheney once again attacked Trump as a traitor.

Specifically, she stated in response to a question from Lesley Stahl about Cheney having accepted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s appointment to the Select Committee investigating the January 6th riot at the United States Capitol:

Liz Cheney: She called me. And asked me to be a member of the committee. And I accepted.
Lesley Stahl: Right away?
Cheney: Right away.
Stahl: No hesitation?
Cheney: None, because it’s so important. And– and because I also know that– that my participation in the committee makes that committee bipartisan. No one will question, you know, my conservative credentials.
Stahl: But most Republicans in the House see what you’re doing as a betrayal. They look at Nancy Pelosi – even you have said – you said this, I’ve got a quote here, you said, ‘The Democrats under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership have become the party of antisemitism, infanticide, and socialism.’ Direct quote from you. And yet, here you are. It’s considered Nancy Pelosi’s committee.
Cheney: I think that millions of people around the country have been betrayed and misled, and deceived by Donald Trump. He has said that the election was stolen. He continues to say that. He continues to say things that aren’t true and continues to raise money off of those claims. And so, to me, there’s just not a question.
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