Live: Day Two – Trump Impeachment Trial – DC Watchdog

Live: Day Two – Trump Impeachment Trial

As a service to our readers, DC Watchdog is providing this link to live coverage of the second day of the Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump.

DC Watchdog has no doubt that former President Trump will be acquitted. Still, as American citizens, it’s important that we watch over our elected representatives in Washington, DC.

To watch the live coverage, hit the play arrow on the video below and adjust your volume.

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  1. Leslie Beaumont says:

    I think this is a case of vindictive anger on the part of the Democrat party.
    the same people that want Julian Assuage to be imprisoned or executed. These people are very vicious and vindictive.I,m no supporter of Trump but when I look back to how the left acted when Trump was first elected. I feel it is all one-sided. It’s ok for the Democrats to use violent acts. But not the opposition.

  2. Holly Rose says:

    Hurrah, trump WILL be impeached! When that comes to pass, time to celebrate. Congress will have gotten rid of the true antichrist, He is vile. I hope his pedophile ring that he has been containing in the tunnels of DC will come out. The stories are horrific and trump must be held accountable for his pedophilia. Amen Awoman.