Lindsey Graham Praises Joe Biden?!?

Lindsey Graham

( – To the disgust of many conservatives and Republicans, Lindsey Graham, the Republican US Senator from South Carolina, has praised Democrat President Joe Biden for managing to pass several laws considered bipartisan on topics such as infrastructure, social media, and gun control.

Graham gave credit to Biden as he spoke on CNN precisely as the Democrats in the US Senate were moving to pass their giant tax and climate spending bill – the so-called Inflation Reduction Act – in a partisan vote using the tie-breaking power of Vice President Kamala Harris in the evenly divided Senate.

The bill stipulates $433 billion for federal government spending on climate and health care. It also provides tax hikes for large corporations and the wealthiest Americans, including an $80 billion funding boost to the IRS. However, the GOP believes the changes will weaponize the tax authority against the middle class.

The move has enraged the GOP because it provides for much more government spending when inflation is at its highest in four decades, The Washington Times reported.

“He’s signed things that made sense. The infrastructure bill, the gun thing, we’ve been working on this for years. We sort of found the sweet spot,” Graham declared on CNN.

“We worked on the EARN IT Act: social media sites can be sued if they don’t protect children from exploitation. You have to harden your sites to keep from being sued when predators go after children on the internet,” the South Carolina Republican elaborated.

Graham, who CNN interviewed alongside Democrat US Senator from Connecticut Richard Blumenthal, also lauded his Democratic Party colleagues from across the isle – apart from the praise he piled on President Joe Biden.

“We have found common ground on foreign policy, domestic issues — I’m working with [Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts] to create a regulatory commission to deal with social media problems,” the South Carolina Republican stated.

“There are plenty of us up there who fight and work together, and I just want the country to know that all is not lost in Washington,” Graham added.