Liberal Media Whines About Upcoming Loss

( – Since the start of 2022, many liberal media networks, including MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC, have openly expressed their concerns that the GOP may win back Congress in the 2022 midterm elections.

The New York Times published an op-ed by columnist Thomas B. Edsall in which the idea that the Democrats were making it easy for the Republicans to gain victory was posed.

Seven days later, on March 30, on MSNBC’s “Meet the Press Daily,” host Chuck Todd also expressed how he was alarmed by the low chances of the Democrats securing a victory.

Todd also spoke with NBC News correspondent Yamiche Alcindor on “Meet the Press” days earlier. During that discussion, he noted that the polls had shown a clear preference for Republican control of Congress over Democrats.

“This is a huge red flag,” Todd told Alcindor. A statement that Alcindor agreed with.

CBS Mornings co-host Tony Dokoupil asked Robert Costa, “What can President Biden do [to change voters’ minds]—still a lot of time, but time is drawing near before the midterm.”

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell also discussed whether the war in Ukraine was aiding the Democrats as they were heading into the 2022 midterm elections.

CNN global affairs analyst Bianna Golodryga also discussed the current poll numbers asking her panel of guests if “Given this ongoing threat to democratic values, right, shouldn’t voters be more determined to go to the polls, and why do you think you’re seeing that reluctance and the lack of enthusiasm?”

Ian Bremmer also spoke about the elections more comprehensively by saying, “The United States has an election process that is increasingly broken, increasingly delegitimized. In the midterm elections especially, if you have a significant win for a Trump-led Republican Party, it means that 2024 is going to be seen as illegitimate and potentially a constitutional crisis.”