Left Puts Gun to Biden’s Head

Joe Biden

(DCWatchdog.com) – President Joe Biden should reject any deficit spending cuts in the debt ceiling talks with the GOP and invoke the 14th Amendment if needed, a radical leftist US congresswoman warned as she put a political gun to Biden’s head.

After the $31.4 trillion debt ceiling was reached in January, the US government risks defaulting as early as June 1, according to the Treasury Department, unless Congress ups the borrowing limit.

The Republican majority in the House of Representatives insists on trillions of dollars in spending cuts over the next decade to approve a deal, while the Democrats demand an unconditional debt ceiling raise.

According to US Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), Biden should end the current stalemate in the talks with the Republicans by invoking the 14th Amendment, which provides for equal protection under the law and citizenship rights.

“It’s our constitutional obligation to raise the debt ceiling which Republicans are refusing to do,” Jayapal told “CNN This Morning” on Thursday.

“Let’s make it clear that anyone who thinks that this is normal, it’s not normal. Republicans are using this as a hostage-taking move, because they couldn’t get these cuts that are trying to get in during the regular negotiations and appropriations session. I think the American people have to understand that that is what is happening,” she elaborated.

Jayapal, the Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair, also said the Democrats would prefer to raise the debt ceiling without resorting to the constitutional amendment.

“Is it our preference to use the 14th Amendment? Of course not. We think Republicans should raise the debt ceiling, that can happen today if five Republicans who are responsible to their constitutional obligation, get out there and sign the discharge petition for a clean debt ceiling raise with Democrats,” the far-left congresswoman argued.

Jayapal slammed the idea that there could be reductions in the budget deficit spending of the federal government.

“If it’s a choice between a catastrophic deal for the American people, either through default or through these awful spending cuts, then I think the president would have to go to using his unilateral authority to raise the debt ceiling,” she declared.