Kellyanne Conway Thrashes Biden

Kellyanne Conway

( – Speaking on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” former President Donald J. Trump’s campaign manager and administration official, Kellyanne Conway, said President Joe Biden sounds like someone unable to take responsibility and accountability as it relates to the economy and inflation.

During the episode, Conway addressed host Bill Hemmer, stating that whenever Americans “hear from the President, he never actually says, ‘I’m sorry, I take responsibility.'”

Conway added, “I think Joe Biden is two things right now: as the public sees him and the polls show.”

The former Trump adviser also pointed to Biden sounding “more and more like a creature of Washington of 50 years.”

Conway added that Biden can no longer build relationships with lawmakers “across the aisle… or to tap into the way to our good standing around the world.”

Conway also stated that it appears Biden is making things worse and sounds “like somebody who never takes accountability.”

What is your opinion about the comments made on Fox News by Kellyanne Conway concerning President Joe Biden? Do you agree or disagree with Conway, who served as a campaign manager and senior administration official to Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign and while he was president? Please email your thoughts about Conway’s statements to [email protected]. Thank you.