Kari Lake’s Shocking New Plan

Kari Lake

(DCWatchdog.com) – Kari Lake, while still challenging the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election, is considering running for the United States Senate.

According to the official results from the 2022 ballot, Lake lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs by 0.6% of the voters, of 17,000 votes.

The gubernatorial vote in Arizona was marred by multiple reports of voter fraud, especially in Phoenix’s Maricopa County. At the same time, Hobbs certified her own victory as she was Arizona’s Secretary of State.

In a Newsmax interview on Monday, Kari Lake announced she was still awaiting the outcome of her lawsuit contesting the results from the 2022 gubernatorial election and that she would decide whether to run for US senator only after that.

The report notes it remains unknown when Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson will issue a ruling in her suit, but she said she expected it would happen “soon.”

“I’m considering it,” Lake said of the possibility of running for the US Senate.

“It’s in the back of my mind right now. I’m still waiting for our verdict on our trial that wrapped up on Friday for our election. We’re still in the courts were legally… so we’ll see what happens,” she added.

Lake dwelled on the multiple problems she could see in Arizona stemming from the surge of illegal immigration through the Southern Border.

“It is completely out of control. Crime is on the rise. Fentanyl poisonings are way up. And who’s paying for this? The federal government is paying to put these people up in hotels and apartments, and those are places that American citizens need,” the Republican politician said.

“And we’re feeding these people, and we’re giving them free cellphones, and we’re giving them free airfare. This is outrageous. This is an assault on the good people of our country, and we are at a time when we need to have compassion for our American… brothers and sisters,” she elaborated.

“So whatever I decide to do, it will be with that in mind that the people need somebody who will actually work to fight for them and protect them,” Lake added.

Commenting on the announcement of GOP US Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina that he is launching a run for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, Lake dismissed his chances.

“Who?” she joked when asked what she thought about Scott’s candidacy.

“If Tim wants to get in, that’s fine,” said the former Fox News host.

“But President Trump is going to be the nominee, and President Trump is going to go on to win the election and make America great again,” she concluded.