Kamala in 2024 SHOCKER – She’s Winning?

Kamala Harris

(DCWatchdog.com) – Sparking more talk about replacing him before the 2024 election and shocking Democrats and Republicans alike, Kamala Harris is supposedly doing better than Joe Biden and other possible Democratic candidates in a hypothetical race against former President Donald Trump.

A new poll released showed Harris trailing Trump by just two points (47-45%), within the CNN poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 3.5% points. Biden, however, trails Trump by six points (49-43%).

Following the CNN debate, Democratic insiders and liberal media pundits, who were once supportive of Biden, began calling for his replacement on the 2024 ticket.

Moreover, potential replacements like California Governor Gavin Newsom, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer all trailed Trump outside the margin of error.

Newsom and Whitmer are behind by five points (48-43% and 47-42%), while Buttigieg trails by four points (47-43%).

These new polls support the growing argument among liberal commentators and some elected Democrats that Biden may be too old to handle the job effectively. They argue the stakes are too high not to have the best candidate.

In addition, former Ohio Democratic Representative Tim Ryan called for Harris to replace Biden in a Newsweek op-ed on Monday. On Tuesday, Texas Democratic Representative Lloyd Doggett became the first member of Congress to publicly suggest Biden step down.

Two Wall Street Journal reporters also argued for elevating Harris, while the editorial boards of the New York Times and Atlanta Journal-Constitution urged Biden to step aside.

Despite this, Harris defended Biden at a Las Vegas rally on Friday, stating, “we believe in our President Joe Biden” and “this race will not be decided by one night in June.”

Even with low polling numbers and calls for him to drop out, Biden’s campaign insists he will stay in the race. Biden’s family also urged him to keep fighting while at Camp David.

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