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Judge Denies Trump’s Request to Shield Documents From January 6th Committee

(DCWatchdog.com) – Breaking Now: Just moments ago, a federal judge denied former President Donald J. Trump’s request that the court block the House of Representatives Select Committee that is investigating the January 6th riot at the United States Capitol Complex from obtaining records from Trump’s presidential administration.

Late last night, Trump filed a motion with Judge Tanya Chutkan of the D.C. District Court to ask that she block the records from being turned over to the investigative committee appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on a partisan basis.

While Judge Chutkan ruled against Trump this morning, the case is far from settled.

Judge Chutkan must still deal with the merits of Trump’s outstanding request that she finds he is protected by executive privilege from having the documents handed over to Pelosi’s committee.

Legal experts watching the developing case believe the judge will soon rule whether the National Archives – which has possession of the documents in question – should turn them over to the House committee.

A ruling may come as early as this week as the committee’s demand for the documents has a deadline set for this Friday.

In today’s court order denying Trump’s emergency filing from last night, Judge Chutkan said that she would rule on the merits on an expedited basis.

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