Jon Voight Shocks MAGA

Jon Voight

( – Jon Voight, the American actor who has become a favorite of former President Donald Trump and the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement because of his steadfast support of Trump and conservative principles, has shocked MAGA with his latest video calling for strict gun control measures in the wake of the Robb Elementary School massacre that left 19 children and two teachers dead in Uvalde Texas.

You can watch the video of Voight further down this post.

As Yahoo News summarizes Voight’s sudden shift on gun control:

Jon Voight is demanding gun control. The longtime Republican and Trump supporter posted a video to his official Facebook page, calling for “proper” qualifications for gun ownership and testing, following the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Tex. on May 24, 2022.

“It’s not about left, right, guns, no guns. This is about brains that are dysfunctioning. This is mental,” he said. “This is not about healthy human beings serving the country with arms to bear or even the right of this constitution for bearing arms…We must identify every individual for their credentials, for their mental capacity to bear arms.”

“He continued, “There should be proper qualifications for gun ownership and proper testing. One should only own a gun if they’re qualified and schooled…May god watch over all and bring comfort for this loss which may never heal, for each child was so precious a gift.” [emphasis added]

One gun rights advocate noted about Voight’s video, “Voight is calling for stricter gun control measures than most Democrats in Congress. Has he ever read the Second Amendment?”

Please watch the video of Jon Voight below and share your opinion about Voight’s call for more gun control in the wake of the Robb Elementary School massacre in Uvalde, Texas? Please email your thoughts to [email protected]. Thank you.