Jill Biden Sticks Taxpayers With Huge Bill

(DCWatchdog.com) – Playing games with American taxpayers’ pockets, First Lady Jill Biden racked up a huge bill as she traveled back and forth from France to Wilmington, Delaware, for Hunter Biden’s trial.

Recently, she flew from Washington, D.C., to Wilmington, where Hunter’s trial was happening, then to Paris, France. She then returned from Paris to Wilmington before heading back to Paris again.

The National Taxpayers Union Foundation stated that the trip, which will cover about 3,600 miles, will cost $345,400 in-flight expenses.

Jill Biden’s office stated, “In accordance with relevant regulations utilized across administrations, the government has reimbursed the value of a first-class fare for these flights to Wilmington and back to Paris.”

Moreover, a White House official said the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is expected to cover the reimbursement for the first lady’s flights, but the total amount was not provided.

The DNC is supposed to pay what it would cost for the first lady to fly commercially, leaving taxpayers to cover the rest. Yet, it is unclear who is paying for the aides traveling with her.

Demian Brady, the Vice President of Research for the National Taxpayers Union Foundation, expressed frustration, saying, “The White House should be more transparent about these costs so taxpayers aren’t taken for a ride.”

In addition, The White House Military Office will determine the final ticket cost and issue the billing for the trip.

The National Taxpayers Union Foundation said that first ladies typically travel in a Boeing C-32, which costs $13,816 per hour, according to the Air Force.

Jill Biden’s stepson, Hunter, was indicted in September 2023 on three felony charges for allegedly possessing a gun while being addicted to drugs and lying on a firearms purchase form.

The trial started on June 3 and included testimonies from Hunter’s ex-girlfriend and brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, as well as his daughter, Naomi Biden.

“While I appreciate that the First Lady wants to support her son during this difficult trial, travel to the trial should be a personal, not a taxpayer expense,” President of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, David Williams, added.

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