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Jared Kushner Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

While the nomination comes from an attorney who defended former President Donald Trump in his first impeachment trial, many believe Jared Kushner deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to bring peace between Israel and Arab nations.


Former White House senior adviser Jared Kushner and his deputy, Avi Berkowitz, were nominated by a friendly attorney on Sunday for the Nobel Peace Prize for their role in negotiating four normalization deals between Israel and Arab nations known as the “Abraham Accords,” according to Reuters.

The deals were announced in a four-month span between mid-August and mid-December and were the most significant diplomatic breakthroughs in the Middle East in 25 years as the region girds for a prolonged confrontation with Iran. [emphasis added]

Nominating the pair of former deputies to then-President Donald Trump was American attorney Alan Dershowitz, who was eligible to do so in his capacity as a professor emeritus of Harvard Law School.

“Dershowitz had defended Trump in his first impeachment trial last year and said in a Jan. 20 comment in the Wall Street Journal that the Senate should dismiss the article of impeachment against Trump over the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol as he is no longer president.”

For more on this important story, go to Reuters.

We value free speech and commentary. Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe Jared Kushner is worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize? Why or why not?


  1. Imre says:

    Take away the Nobel Prize from BLM and give one to Trump AND Jared. Trump also deserves one for making peace between Kosovo & Serbia. BLM only burned & looted buildings every time a black person got shot by police. Most were in the process of committing crimes when they got shot, so how does that qualify them for a Nobel Peace Prize??? It’s time we stop rewarding criminals. Bad enough “washed up” celebrities & Korrupt Kamala raised &&&&& to bail out the criminals who burned cities so they were back committing arson and destruction of property and burning police cars in 3 hours. Kamala used to be a corrupt district attorney and you saw how she respects law & order. That pot smoking IDIOT bragged about the 1,500 pot smokers she locked up, while she was smoking joints herself. Now, she’s VP. Crime DOES PAY!!!!!!

  2. Nana Cotner says:

    Jared definitely deserves the Nobel Peace Prize as does President Trump!

    • Rosalia M Bernstein says:

      NOBEl PEACE PRIZE!!!! FOR WHAT!!!! Lying, killing, hating, deceit, amoral behavior…….I THINK NOT!!!! They are EVIL and must be destroyed NOW!!!!!!!

    • Rosalia M Bernstein says:

      Another NUT bites the dust! STOP with your insane values. You MORON!!!

  3. Judy L Gray says:

    President Trump took all the heat to heal relationships between Israel and the other middle east nations. Without President Trump, Jared could not have accomplished anything. President Trump deserves his Nobel Peace Prize and then Jared. It is time to acknowledge the great accomplishments of President Trump! President Trump has had so many firsts. Honor President Trump first!

  4. Carol Bartlett says:

    It is my belief that Jared Kushner should win the Nobel Peace Prize. Many presidents in the past have attempted to broker peace in the Middle East with no success. Fast forward to Donald Trump and Jared and his partner. An agreement between Israel and the UAE has been signed! I honestly never thought it would happen during my life time! Jared needs to be awarded the Nobel peace prize, not BLM because they aren’t peaceful.

  5. Jackie Parent says:

    It’s a shame the once respected and prestigious honor has been made meaningless by awarding it to Obama as a meritless gesture and now to BLM a domestic terrorist organization. Even though President Trump and Jared Kushner deserve to have their incredible achievement acknowledged and lauded, it would be diminished if they accepted the Nobel Piece prize.

  6. Jean G Rabe says:

    Members of the Trump Administration, including the ex-President Donald J. Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, certainly deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s the least the Nobel Commission should do for those two, who have done so much to help Israel and some Arab countries put aside years or perhaps centuries of ill will between them.

  7. bruce says:

    He does deserve it. Who has actually gotten any of them to sit and agree to peace? Not Obama, Not Biden or Kerry, not Clinton or Bush. Once again we see the great things done by the Trump Admin and no one in the media has a clue intentionally.

    • bruce says:

      Unlike BLM who deserves to go to jail. They didn’t do anything but kill and destroy.

      • Rosalia M Bernstein says:

        NO!!! You’ve got it all wrong. TRUMP and son-in-law deserve NOTHING!!!
        They are responsible for ruining our country and the death of a half a million people. They are both EVIL and belong in hell along with Satan.

  8. PA Shaul says:

    kushner deserves the Noble Peace Prize !!!

  9. Jo Ann Marsau says:

    Jared Kushner needs huge recognition for what he did. However, to me, in my opinion, the Nobel peace prize is meaningless since they give it to undeserving people , like Obama, who instigated wars and committed, in my opinion , treason. Give Jared a much more honorable and significant prize.

  10. I believe Jared Kushner deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.
    The nomination of the BLM is ludicrous & ridiculous!

    • Sam says:

      Yes, both Jared Kushner and President Donald Trump definitely deserve the Nobel Peach Prize! BLM DEFINITELY DOES NOT! This group was responsible for the opposite of peace! They destroyed cities including businesses owned by black people, looted, and caused injuries and death to countless American citizens! And Obama didn’t even know why he was nominated! It’s sad when such important awards for service to humanity are disgraced by nominations based solely on skin color!

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