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Is Trump About To Be Arrested?

According to reporting from numerous media outlets today, the warning signs are growing that President Donald Trump may be arrested and prosecuted when he leaves the presidency.


State prosecutors in Manhattan have interviewed several employees of President Trump’s bank and insurance broker in recent weeks, according to people with knowledge of the matter, significantly escalating an investigation into the president that he is powerless to stop,” according to and numerous other publications.

The interviews with people who work for the lender, Deutsche Bank, and the insurance brokerage, Aon, are the latest indication that once Mr. Trump leaves office, he still faces the potential threat of criminal charges that would be beyond the reach of federal pardons.

“It remains unclear whether the office of the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., will ultimately bring charges. The prosecutors have been fighting in court for more than a year to obtain Mr. Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns, which they have called central to their investigation. The issue now rests with the Supreme Court.

“But lately, Mr. Vance’s office has stepped up its efforts, issuing new subpoenas and questioning witnesses, including some before a grand jury, according to the people with knowledge of the matter, who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the investigation…

“When Mr. Trump returns to private life in January, he will lose the protection from criminal prosecution that his office has afforded him. While The New York Times has reported that he discussed granting pre-emptive pardons to his eldest children before leaving office — and has claimed that he has the power to pardon himself — that authority applies only to federal crimes, and not to state or local investigations like the one being conducted by Mr. Vance’s office.”

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Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe President Trump will be criminally prosecuted after he leaves the presidency? Should he be? If he is, do you believe it would be a political prosecution brought by his enemies?


  1. Linda Salatino says:

    OP OUT NOW your full of shit

  2. David Chasnov says:

    If he is guilty- let the law do it’s job- left/ right wing- it doesn’t matter!
    Enough of crying foul- he is a dirty; scummy; man & deserves whatever he gets!
    Stop blaming other people- does he ever take ANY accountability?
    Never~ !!!! The entire family is guilty!!
    He still thinks he won the election- what a jackass~
    If he tells people he won enough- his followers believe him~
    Sad people!

  3. Dave Westberg says:

    I get a big kick out of this. Unbelievable the hate from the left. Let’s just say he did it, for conversation sake. If it was a Democrat, we wouldn’t even be reading about this. It stinks. These people want to start another Civil War, you’re headed down that road.

  4. P Limbocker says:

    They will stop at nothing to bring president Trump down! God has him in his hands and I don’t believe for one sec. this president did anything illegal!
    It’s the whining Democrats that want to take the focus of their crimes and criminal actions off of them and put it on the only president that has done more in 4 yrs than any other president in history.
    We the American people want ALL the criminals in our government brought down and prosecute them as they would prosecute anyone of us Americans!
    There are more criminals in our government than people realize and it’s time to hold them accountable! Stop all the BS hiding their crimes and move now to prosecute! You have have all the information on a lot of them for years yet you let tg get a free pass!
    Enough is enough!

  5. Ryan Green says:

    Time to start that war then! Would love to take out a few of these Democraps!!!

  6. Leave him alone. Best President ever. Arrest China Biden family.

  7. R says:

    Unfortunately, I do believe they will try to destroy our wonderful President Donald J. Trump however they can. He has already expressed interest in running in 2024, apparently, and they will “do whatever it takes” to ensure he cannot win, and a repeat of 2016 will never happen again…….. With the blatant fraud that has been allowed to occur in this “election,” it has shown the Dems’ willingness to do as they promised, whatever it takes and “by any means necessary,” to ensure President Trump does not serve a second term…… This horrible, disgusting, fraudulent, facade of an “election” has shown us many things. Most importantly, other than President Trump, there are not very many “elected” officials, judges, or others who are fighting for We the People and our Constitution. Not only in Washington, DC, but in all areas, branches, and levels of government. From the local levels, to the state level, and federal, these “elected” officials are more afraid of the Deep State, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Business, Wall Street, the MSM, foreign governments, the UN, Hollywood, and their biggest donors than they are of We the People and our “vote.”

    What is the purpose of voting if no one will stand up for our Constitution, and will blatantly do anything to successfully and effectively steal our votes and the election for their chosen candidates? Can we ever have any trustworthy “elections” again after this atrocious nightmare? They have been emboldened by their success in this steal, and will continue to do it again, and again, in all future elections, at all levels until they have the majorities they need and want to instill the changes they want to only benefit their favor, and eventually they will amend whatever they want to forever make everything in only there favor……. With a “Conservative majority” on the US Supreme Court, they are not really showing much favor for our Constitution and the integrity of our election processes. Unless something drastically changes, our “votes,” the Constitution, and We the People no longer matter to these aholes. The NWO/OWO will quickly take what they want, unless a lot of folks wake up soon!

    • Kellie Smith says:

      I considered writing my own reply. Could not have done better than you did, so with your permission I will tag onto yours. Thank you.
      disheartened but relying on God in Arkansas. Kellie

  8. Doris Bacon says:

    considering what the Democrat’s have been getting away with for the last 20 years, Trump has done nothing bad or wrong and should be left alone. If you can not jail Hillary Clinton for what she did in office and that is much worst than Trump, leave Trump alone, he has been the best President we have had in to many years!

  9. President Trump is the very best President that the U.S.A. has ever had and hopefully he will run again in 2024 and will again Win especially after the Democrats make a TOTAL MESS out of our Beloved Country. It’s been too many years since any President has stood up and fought for the American People as has President Trump. And may he win every election he’ll ever run for. Stay with us President Trump, there will never be another You. You need another chance to serve our Great County.

    • Sandra says:

      I agree with what you said, sad what people think of him, he’s the best president we ever had and trying so hard for our country

  10. President Trump is the very best President that the U.S.A. has ever had and hopefully he will run again in 2024 and will again Win especially after the Democrats make a TOTAL MESS out of our Beloved Country. It’s been too many years since any President has stood up and fought for the American People as has President Trump. And may he win every election he’ll ever run for. Stay with us President Trump, there will never be another You.

  11. Jim Rowe says:

    The swamp is deeper than any of us suspected.

  12. Dianne says:

    Are the Demoncrats ABOVE THE LAW? I would like to meet them in a dark alley and lead them to their maker…SATAN. They have gotten away with every sin in the book. Hey Demo’s…when you meet your maker don’t even try to hold your breath or be cool because Satan will be standing before you…and…Enjoy the Democratic fires of Hell. THERE’S NO WAY OUT! ENJOY!!!!

  13. Carmen volio says:

    What is the big deal is it because he became the president or is it really a criminally prosecutable offense made to look like that you believe he should be prosecuted then you are nothing more than a fool who is trying to destroy a good man who did every thing he could to make this country a better place to live but was being persecuted for doing the right things for the people stop being a tool of the so called bosses

  14. Marvin says:

    Demos full of crap!!!!

  15. Sharon says:

    The Democrats have constantly persecuted President Trump from the start speaking our money trying to distract with false claims with Russia. Whereas Obama and Hillary directed the biggest crime against President Trump. They should be locked up as true terrorist criminals against the United States. President Trump has been through hell fighting the Democrat political evil communist, spreading lies throughout the United States and polluting the media with bigger lies. This new charge is just one more evil distraction to keep President Trump from his rights as continuing to be president of the United States.
    President Trump is the best President we have had in years. He truly cares for the people and his politics have kept us from war. Now we have puppet Biden who will cause us real United States citizens to a civil war.
    God bless real United States citizens and save us from communist party. Please let President Trump keep his rightful rights as continued the name of our lord Jesus Christ! Amen

  16. Let me think… it is coming from yet another reporting agency, a Democrat, and New York? Looks like another lie and fodder from a bunch of elitists who have wasted the last 4 or more years of this country’s money and time. China is laughing all the way to the bank. They can just wait until the liberals hand over the country and not have to dirty their hands to destroy America. Shame on all you crazed, and greedy liberals!

  17. Brenda says:

    It has gotten beyond ridiculous what some are trying to do to Donald J. Trump. Not satisfied with the totally asanine impeachment, the bogus attempts to remove him from Office at every turn, and now they’re saying that he’s “probably going to be arrested when he’s no longer the President”
    Is just total stupidity! There seem to be NO LENGTHS that Democrats will go to Destroy him, for no reason other than blind jealosy and hatred. In spite of their ignorance and undeserved wrath towards President Trump, we
    Will stay focused on the fact that President Trump MAY have stumbled a few times during his Presidency, he is the greatest President
    to have been in Office during my Lifetime. Although unfortunately it seems he will be
    Leaving Office soon, we all ove him a great
    Vote of Thanks for whst he has accomplished, and for keeping promises made!! Thank you,
    President Trump!

  18. Cathy says:

    I think they have put him threw hell the past 4 years !!!!! I think he has paid enough out of his life to help American like me to live in peace. He doesn’t deserve to be treated like that anymore!! They have been putting him threw hell and even stolen the election from him. Why don’t they let him live in peace. He deserves that much from us!! Thank you President Trump. May God bless you and your family and give you the life you have have earned! THANK YOU

  19. Marilyn says:

    This is a bunch of bull crap

  20. Paul Coffman says:

    This is obviously Democratic smoke to distract attention on their multiple Criminal actions.

  21. Paul Coffman says:

    This is obviously Democratic smoje to distract attention on their multiple Criminal actions.

  22. Beverly says:

    You are the best President we have had in years. If the Democratis mouths are moving they are lying. You President Trump are for the people & our country. No one stands for us like you do. You won with out a doubt! We all stand behind you.

  23. John says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they go after Trump. The democrats have truly turned into a communist party. They have been bought out and brainwashed by China. Get ready to defend yourself America. It coming down to war for our freedom. Good Luck.

  24. Raymond says:

    I believe you and others are the problem if it was up to me you all would never be allowed to give any mews!
    Your fake and should be the ones to be prosecuted
    News media criminals