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Is Biden Signing Too Many Executive Orders?

Senator Ted Cruz is criticizing President Joe Biden for using executive orders to bypass the legislative function delegated to Congress by the U.S. Constitution.

In a press release, Cruz states: “As we close the second week of the Biden administration, a concerning pattern has developed – President Biden has abandoned his stated desire for unity and is instead depending on the power of the pen to pursue his radical Left-wing agenda.

Just hours after he was sworn in, President Biden quickly set the tone for his administration by issuing 17 executive orders on his first day. In total, President Biden has issued a record 25 executive orders since taking office and added at least 15 other executive actions, bringing his total to at least 40 executive actions since his inauguration.

Just two weeks into his presidency, President Biden has already signed more executive orders than fifteen presidents signed in their entire tenures in office.”

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Is Joe Biden signing too many Executive Orders?