Iran Attacking Israel

( – According to a report, the Islamic Republic of Iran is attacking key US ally Israel “on all fronts,” utilizing the Biden administration’s hostility against the Israeli Cabinet of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Iranian “terrorist proxies” across the board are on the attack just as Israel is being ripped apart by internal strife, and Biden is seeking to isolate Netanyahu politically, Breitbart News reports.

Over the past few days, Hamas and other terrorist groups backed by Iran have hit Israel with rocket attacks from Lebanon in the north and the Gaza Strip in the south. In Lebanon, Hamas did so with permission from another Iranian proxy, Hezbollah.

On Sunday, the Hamas and Hezbollah leaders, Ismail Haniyeh and Hassan Nasrallah, met in the Lebanese capital Beirut, presenting a united front. This led Israeli leader Netanyahu to raise the alarm, calling up Border Police reserves amid a “challenging” security situation.

The report notes that Palestinians stashed weapons in Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque; some have barricaded inside it to attack Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall. Thus, Israeli anti-terrorist operations would “inflame” the Arab world and lefty Western media.

Last Friday, Palestinian terrorists killed three people: a car-ramming attack in Tel Aviv took an Italian tourist’s life. The two other victims were British-born teenage sisters living in Efrat, a town in the Southern West Bank that would be returned to Israel in a future Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

The violence is occurring against the backdrop of explosive domestic strife in Israel after the country’s leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is being tried for fraud and criminal breach of trust, proposed controversial judiciary changes.

Mass rallies against Netanyahu’s conservative and nationalist government by the Israeli opposition have continued despite talks on a compromise. Reports say that Israel’s spy agency, Mossad, has supposed the protests, the report points out.

Meanwhile, Biden has refused to invite Netanyahu to Washington nearly six months after the latter won Israel’s democratic elections.

“He has criticized Israel’s judicial reforms — which would, ironically, bring the Israeli judiciary closer to the American norm, and would be far less radical than reforms Biden himself has considered, such as “packing” the Supreme Court,” Breitbart News commented.

The Biden administration has even considered striking a “partial nuclear deal” with Iran, whose regime has pursued uranium enrichment to a level necessary for making nuclear weapons.

“[These developments have] created a sense that Israel is alone and divided — and Iran is taking advantage, seeking to test Israel and expose its sudden strategic weakness,” the report notes further.

According to Jerusalem Past analyst Seth Frantzman, the events “represent the manifestation of an Iranian strategy to confront Israel with multiple threats on different fronts.”

“Iran’s idea for a multi-front war is not new. It has been boasting in recent months about how Israel is internally collapsing, and it has signaled that it wants to increase its threats,” Frantzman emphasized.