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Iowa Senators Blast Trump, Rioters

Republican U.S. Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley, both of Iowa, have come out swinging at President Donald Trump and the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol last week. BothSenators voted to uphold the Electoral College votes and to deny challenges to those votes.

Here are a series of statements the Senators made when questioned whether Trump should be impeached and their views on the riot.

  • Grassley on Trump: “Right now, there’s very little opportunity for him to lead the Republican Party. He has tarnished his legacy.”
  • Grassley on whether Trump should be impeached: “I think that President Biden’s going to want the Senate to spend their time, at least near term, getting his Cabinet approved … but longer-term, get whatever is on his agenda. And I’m looking forward to what that agenda is. You heard me say today that I hope he’s got something on prescription drugs that he wants to accomplish because I want to help him.”
  • Ernst on whether Trump should be impeached: “Let’s move on. Let’s get President Biden into place. Let’s get the new administration going, and let’s start healing our nation.”
  • Ernst on other Republican senators, including Ted Cruz of Texas and Josh Hawley, who objected to certifying the Electoral College votes of some states: “I think history will not look kindly upon those that abdicated their constitutional authorities.”
  • Ernst on the rioters: “To everybody that thinks, ‘Oh well that was OK, they just were a little exuberant,’ No, this was anarchy.”…”They were terrorizing old men and young girls. I don’t know how anybody can be proud about the actions that they took.”

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with the criticism U.S. Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley have fired at President Trump and the rioters?


  1. B J Thomas says:

    OH Joni, your new “do” is completely unflattering. You look like the witch that you are. I hope this is your last term, you need to go.

  2. B J Thomas says:

    I used to respect both Grassley and Ernst. I voted for Ernst. Never again. Is she nuts? Yes. Where were you Joni Ernst while the entire was in anarchy all summer? Where were you? You are so phony, you are a hypocrite. You know good and well, unless you are stupid, which you are, that Antifa did this. Trump had nothing to do with it. Thanks to witches like you, I am dropping out of the Republican Party, along with my husband. I will never vote again, because of trash like you.

  3. Mark Altwegg says:

    I’m really disappointed in Ernst & Grassley. I didn’t realize how cowardly & ignorant they both are. Even a complete moron should figure out there were blm & antifa plants that stormed the capitol. Those two are playing right into democrat’s hands, funded by the evil one, Soros.

  4. Peter says:

    The president spoke out against the rioters. Biden and his democrat buddies refused to denounce antifa and BLM for a year while they attacked American cities with political and media left wing support. Have not heard any demands on the treason Biden was involved in with his son. Kamala Harris supporting rioters burning down cities with her support and money for legal aid. Where is that out rage. The democrats are giving political speeches against the president while they hide their guilt in the insurrection they pulled.

  5. Rebecca Fuchser says:

    Switching sides! Licking Biden’s boots!

  6. Well Grassley and Ernst are added to the backstabbing rhinos out there! I can not believe, after all that President Trump did for this country and our state, they think so little of him. He has taken this abuse from the democRATS all of his four years and still kept working for us the American people! The election was stolen by the power/money hungry democRATS! They planned every rotten thing that is happening, so evil. We have paid them to do it all too, they never stopped getting paid through the china virus. China has paid them all extra for their treason and now will take over. Say goodbye to the constitution and freedom!

  7. Randy Baker says:

    They both have lost my vote. They are following Nancy and Chuck.They are behind what happened in DC.
    Wow !!!

    • Term limits is one of the unity concerns that must be undertaken. Sleepy Joe in the government for forty seven years, Grassley forever, Pelosi since they invented dirt. Get a clue two terms and you are done, period! If it is good enough for the president it sure as hell should be good enough for the rubbish we send to Congress.

  8. Donna says:

    The correct people should be prosecuted for the breach of the Capitol Building, Even if it goes all the way to Biden. President Trump said nothing that would cause the peaceful protestors to do such a damaging thing. My hope is that the next election will be the answer to get the trash out of our government and elect good people who love this country. We need to stop these career democrats who think they are so special. I believe this last election was stolen from WE the American people.

  9. JJ Johnson-Smith says:

    These Traitors of the Constitution and the American Paole have never had ANYTHING to say about the BLM and Antifa riots! Where were they for THAT?! If they don’t condemn ALL the violent protests of 2020, they sure as hell have NO business condemning a NON-VIOLENT protest from the Right. In FACT, they SHOULD be standing beside and behind the Conservative people who are sick of being beat-down by RINO and Liberal, Political Criminals!

  10. President Trump said March to the capital in peace, he never said March to the capital and
    break in! But the DEMONRATS invited riots with their “PEACEFUL PROTESTERS” They told
    them to tear down statue,burn businesses,
    police stations,court houses,churches!!
    While cheering them on! They set up funds to bail them out of jail!
    If anyone should be impeached it should be the whole DEMONRAT PARTY!!

    • John says:

      No one did anything to the democrats, blm, or antifa for all wrong, destruction, killings, and lie’s that were told. Leave PRESIDENT TRUMP alone. He is innocent. He is the only president we have had in the last 20 years that was fit for the job as President of this great nation. Never back down. Ever.

  11. Christi Lang says:

    Why do you name President Trump? You heard what he said, as did we the people!
    I am so ashamed of the Republican Party!
    I hope for a new party that patriots can be a part of!
    The Republicans in congress except for just a few, are weak and make me wish even more for term limits!

  12. Jon says:

    It appears politicians are the first to accuse innocent people who are the true believers in this country. The one’s who actually do destructive behavior are left to continue burning down buildings assaulting anyone who gets in their way and even allowed to kill others.(ANTIFA and BLM) What makes this so tragic the politicians actually know who they are and do nothing. Grassley & Ernst have sadly decided join the other side. The Dem’s are bullies and ironically get a way with watching others die. Now these two have decided to cave. How do you look yourself in the mirror. Remember “We the People” who vote you in. Good Luck!!!

  13. Anthony Verderese says:

    You are traitors; as soon as things get tough you run like scared rabbits!

  14. Holly Rose says:

    trump is to blame for the rioting Jan 6th. He is totally behind it because his fingerprints are all over it. Note anything strange about it? Outside of breaking windows the anarchists DID NOT spray paint ,no Molotov cocktails were used, no bricks or rocks thrown, no commercial fireworks lit utilized inside or outside the Capital.. It was just damned trumpers Antifa and Special Forces disguised as common folk. Only damage was THEFT of congressmen’s computers and accessories. trump stole public property. He should be charged for theft. We tax payers paid for that. trump must be arrested and made to return congressmen’s computers intact.

  15. Shirley says:

    If Republicans pay attention then neither one of them will be re-elected when their term is up. And neither will any of them that has turned their back on President Trump

  16. PATTY says:


  17. Robert Paugh says:


  18. Bill says:

    Just more hypocrisy from a couple of useless politicians. Where was their outrage for the last four years while the disgusting democrats spent all their time trying to destroy our president and calling for aggression against him and all other republican officials, supporting the riots,etc.
    Maxine Waters should be behind bars along with others of her ilk. The two biggest things that have been destroying our country is congress and our count system. They have collectively turned doing their duty for the greater good into a vicious team sport driven by a blind group think partisan mentality. These two should consider the fact that their institution approval is now hovering around an embarrassing 10%. IMO…I think they should stop throwing stones in their little glass house and work towards cleaning up their mess. Meanwhile, primary them with good solid candidates!

  19. Bill says:

    A couple of more RINOs exposed.

  20. Cloe Starks says:

    A sad day for America. Trump supporters are not to blame, the time line was all off for trump support to be at the Capital, This was a planned act of the Left. Antifa,BLM rioters got off buses and stormed the crowd and breached the Capital building. I will always support our President, DONALD TRUMP, and those in office that support him. PRAY FOR AMERICA!!

  21. Kari says:

    The right to object is fact. These 2 Senators from Iowa will need to look long and hard for re-election support! Grassley just needs to retire. Ernst just needs to go back to the cornfield she came from.

  22. Bearpaw says:

    Republican Party has no place for RINO’s. Too many of Senators and Congressmen have no backbone at all!

  23. Linda Dixon says:

    Joni – so sorry to see you bailed in and chose not to support the 75 million Trump voters. I sent u money when u asked me to help you. You will NEVER see that support from me again. I had such high hopes for you for higher office, but now sadly you will face a primary and be taken out of your seat. Grassley is leaving, so no need to deal with his stupid message . I have just come back from my county election office where I changed my registration from Republic to Independent. The Republican Party is dead, so good luck with that until u r removed. You and I both know that antifa was Leading that MAGA crowd that went into the Capitol. You and I both know it was a false flag. I was sorry to see that there were T supporters who stupidly followed the antifa ppl. They were wrong do do so. But I have not heard you make any statements against the riots and looting that went on almost all year in 2020 from BLM and antifa w total support from corporate media and the Marxist Dem Party. Where were your concerns then? You have caved in and by not supporting the best POTUS this country has had certainly from this century, you have quietly joined the advancement of Communism in US. Shame m e on you!! BTW, Biden WILL NOT BE POTUS, all this criminality will be exposed, Trump WILL have a second term, and you just blew your career.

    • Bill says:

      As I have stated in the past… the RNC , please stop supporting the RINOs and the contribution $$$ will increase. I for one will not give them a penny as Long as they continue to support these useless liabilities. They are nothing but fence sitting , self serving parasites.

  24. TRUMP supporter says:

    Grassley needs to be put out to pasture so he can EAT grass. Ernst can go to pasture and share cow pies with Grassley. I don’t know what the HELL I mean by this silly comment but it made me feel a little bit better!

    • Editor says:

      A little silliness and humor is always welcome.

    • Sally Draper says:

      You are right Grassley and Ernst are idiots and president Trump had nothing to do with rioting His supporters had nothing to do with rioting blame Antifa. Stop with impeachment talk you lie lives. You won’t get it done. Leave him alone. You stole the election isn’t that enough. Trump is not leaving and we will forever support him. Schumer pelosi Biden we are already for you to leave. You will do nothing good for the American citizens and we will be in your faces for the next two years when pelosi will be voted back. For being a Christian – which you aren’t you are going to be dealing with satan

  25. HB says:

    The comments by the Iowa senators do nothing to heal the nation or secure our country. They deny the truth by ignoring the possibility other conservatives may be correct. Investigate. Find the truth. Siding with the Democrats who are proved to lie on the grandest scale is dangerous. If they (dems) concoct a fake reason to impeach any President of our nation, would they not cheat to win an election?

  26. bruce says:

    Hypocritical to not say anything about ANTIFA and BLM destroying our cities all through the year…Then They (ANTIFA and BLM) lead a pre-meditated attack on Capitol and Peaceful supporters get the blame. Shame on you all. You need to look beyond the lying media and see the truth. This was a planned disturbance by liberal forces to disrupt the opposition to the electroral vote. Every one of those dueling elector states should have been sent to the states for resolution. Teb Cruz has it right….

    • Bob R. says:

      You are right.The lousy republicans take the money and use the name, but when the going gets rough they bail. Typical of the lousy people in congress who forgot they represent the people and the great work Trump did. We need a new party and if possible impeach all present members of both house and senate.

  27. Tom v says:

    Typical politicians, running for cover, no I don’t approve of people doing what they did in the capital building nor in Detroit, Atlanta, Portland which where were they when that was happening, crickets!!!the only thing I can see to get our country back on track in a convention of the state’s article five to limit the power of the government, our government buildings in dc were only meant to be occupied 1-2 months a year, look up article five and get involved

  28. Bob says:

    I condemn the rioters! They must be prosecuted. But we must also prosecute the rioters in Portland, Kenosha, etc. The Capitol is no more “sacred” than a “mom and pop store” in Seattle.
    However, if we blame trump for this we must also blame Bernie Sanders for the shooting at the ball field by his supporter. Trump told them to protest peacefully and patriotically. Rioters are responsible for their own behavior.

    • DeeJay says:

      Plus Antifa infiltrated the Rioters and breached the White House so that The Trump Supporters would get blamed for it. It is so shameful what they have done and are still doing to our Great President and our Great Country. They will see the wrath of God, it is coming.

    • david says:

      antifa and blm for over 7 months of riots and little to nothing said by congress… these two senators of reflective of the urgent need for termlimits. Both democrats and republicans are corrupted and of the idea that a bit of voter fraud is ok. The election was outright stolen and majority of americans know it.

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