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Iowa Senators Blast Trump, Rioters

Republican U.S. Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley, both of Iowa, have come out swinging at President Donald Trump and the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol last week. BothSenators voted to uphold the Electoral College votes and to deny challenges to those votes.

Here are a series of statements the Senators made when questioned whether Trump should be impeached and their views on the riot.

  • Grassley on Trump: “Right now, there’s very little opportunity for him to lead the Republican Party. He has tarnished his legacy.”
  • Grassley on whether Trump should be impeached: “I think that President Biden’s going to want the Senate to spend their time, at least near term, getting his Cabinet approved … but longer-term, get whatever is on his agenda. And I’m looking forward to what that agenda is. You heard me say today that I hope he’s got something on prescription drugs that he wants to accomplish because I want to help him.”
  • Ernst on whether Trump should be impeached: “Let’s move on. Let’s get President Biden into place. Let’s get the new administration going, and let’s start healing our nation.”
  • Ernst on other Republican senators, including Ted Cruz of Texas and Josh Hawley, who objected to certifying the Electoral College votes of some states: “I think history will not look kindly upon those that abdicated their constitutional authorities.”
  • Ernst on the rioters: “To everybody that thinks, ‘Oh well that was OK, they just were a little exuberant,’ No, this was anarchy.”…”They were terrorizing old men and young girls. I don’t know how anybody can be proud about the actions that they took.”

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