Investigation of Biden’s Brother Expands

Joe Biden

( – There is no end to the scandalous developments and revelations surrounding the Bidens as federal inquiries into Jim Biden, President Joe Biden’s younger brother, are reportedly expanding.

Sources indicate that Florida federal agents are examining his financial dealings, while officials from the Department of Justice are probing his involvement in a Medicare fraud case in Pennsylvania, Newsmax reports.

According to a report from Politico, which cites three anonymous sources, the focus of these investigations is the Americore hospital chain.

Jim Biden became associated with Americore after his brother concluded his term as vice president under President Barack Obama.

Prosecutors in Pennsylvania have highlighted that one Americore hospital allegedly received improper Medicare reimbursements amounting to tens of millions of dollars.

In Florida, the inquiry centers on Jim Biden’s efforts, alongside his business partners, to secure investments from the Middle East to fund Americore and other ventures within the United States.

An individual with knowledge of the Florida investigation mentioned that the probe also scrutinizes an agreement involving Biden and loans made to Americore through one of his associates.

Jim Biden stated in a congressional testimony last month, “I had been paid to arrange some of the financing.”

However, a 2022 legal complaint in Palm Beach County claims that the payments he received were improper.

The complaint by the Third Friday Total Return Fund accuses the fund’s manager of lending money to Americore and subsequently diverting $600,000 to Jim Biden.

After receiving this amount, Jim Biden allegedly transferred $200,000 to his brother, Joe Biden, which the president and the White House have described as a loan repayment.

Paul Fishman, Jim Biden’s lawyer, maintains that his client is not under investigation by federal law enforcement in either Florida or Pennsylvania.

Requests for comments from the DOJ’s South Florida office were declined, and the Western Pennsylvania office did not issue a response.

Another Politico investigation revealed that Jim Biden had utilized his brother’s name to promote Americore.

It was noted that several associates of the then-vice president were either employed by the company or attended its meetings, though there is no evidence of the president’s direct involvement with the company.

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