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Inauguration Committee Blocks Biden

Republicans on a congressional inauguration committee have blocked a resolution Tuesday that would have formally recognized presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden as the winner of the 2020 election as they plan for the upcoming inauguration,” according to The Washington Times.

The Republican members of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, JCCIC Chairman Sen. Roy Blunt — blocked the resolution put forth by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer that would have which would have formally informed the public that Congress was preparing for Mr. Biden’s inauguration.

“Mr. Blunt, Missouri Republican, defended their decision, arguing the legal process was still playing out.

“It is not the job of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies to get ahead of the electoral process and decide who we are inaugurating,” he said in a statement. “The JCCIC is facing the challenge of planning a safe Inaugural Ceremonies during a global pandemic. I would hope that, going forward, the members of the JCCIC would adhere to the committee’s long-standing tradition of bipartisan cooperation and focus on the task at hand.”

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree with the congressional inauguration committee’s decision to block a resolution that would have formally recognized presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden as the winner of the 2020 election?


  1. Maxine S Covington says:

    The election was stolen from Trump and should be voided and redone. Only the people that actually go to the polls should their vote count. No mail ins should be counted. And God forgive, if something was to happen to Biden and Harris, I hope Pelosi is with them.
    This is my personal opinion which is every Americans right.

  2. Mariano says:

    As supporters of President Trump we will not recognize Biden as a president who won the election. It is correct for the Republican officials to challenge the so-called inauguration committee. The swamp has been trying to disenfranchise out votes for President Trump for 4 years and we won’t stand for them to continue to do that deciding to inaugurate a person that lost the election.

  3. Berta says:

    It is about time someone has stepped up. President Trump will ALWAYS be our President I will NEVER call sleazy Joe anything but a traitor. I can’t imagine people wanting a traitor who stole money and had dealings with China while holding the office of our vice president. That should have been investigated to see if he could actually legally run for ANY office in our government. He knows he’s unfit and so does every other demonrat that want to defend him. You know you cheated and rigged this election. But you should know this too—karma has a way of getting even. Before too long you will all see your lying,cheating,deceitful,immoral,pathetic lives fall apart. And I hope it starts SOON. If President Trump does have this election stolen from him then I hope he does run again in 2024. OR maybe his kids will run—you never know. I for one am ready to start the rally. BACK FOR MORE IN 24 HEAR HIM ROAR IN 24 BECAUSE YOU CANT KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN And I wonder just how many more votes will have the name Trump on them if this country has to suffer 4 years of a communist party. Maybe then you will realize just how good you had it when we had a President that truly does love our country.

  4. trisha Sours says:

    No amount of hatred for Trump is going to make Biden any more competent to run our country! Biden supporters even understand this! This election was rigged from the very beginning 100% and the committee made the right decision and has the backing of the American people! Shame on any court, judge, group or individual for not allowing a FULL INVESTIGATION AND A THOROUGH LOOK AT ALL THE EVIDENCE THEREFORE RIPPING AN ELASTIC SHRED OF CONFIDENCE THE PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT NATION HAD LEFT IN OUR ELECTIONS! BECAUSE OF THIS VERY POOR DECISION MADE BY A FEW, ELECTIONS FROM THIS POINT FORWARD WILL MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! GOODBYE AMERICA YOU HAD QUITE A RUN AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THE MEMORIES OF OUR FREEDOM THE MAJORITY OF US HATED TO SEE YOU GO!!!!

    • trisha Sours says:

      “Goodbye America” is what we will be saying if this doesn’t turn around! The people of this great country will not take it lying down! Be prepared for civil war, because its inevitable if half the country feels as if they’re vote did not count!

  5. Ss says:

    Keep praying for the success of our great President Trump, and our great country! Kudos for the members of this committee!!

  6. Nawal Shafik says:

    Biden he doesn’t have any plan for Americans people he like every thing forced to get it by power all Democratic the same
    God bless our President Donald Trump and keep him safe during this trial time for him

    He is the best President I see so far in America and he is working hard for Americans people and all people want him the vote by people is not by Democratic organization!!!!

    • Helen says:

      That is a load of Crap. Trump is a lier and dishonest, disgusting humanoid. Needs to concede the election like a gentleman. He is narcissistic and believes only in himself.

      • Retha Simmons says:

        It is a shame that all people can do is call people names and act like children about what is going on with Trump. He is just a man that is our president and Biden was a Vice President, so why not be decent and pray for God’s will not ours. His will is what we need to accept. Let’s try to be Americans and let God rule.

      • trisha Sours says:

        You, like so many others sadly have developed this hatred towards Trump, based off of the poor dishonest reporting that the mainstream media has been dishing out since before he got elected which only worsened once he got elected! It’s far time you realize that although unfair and wrong you have not been given true information and you need to get behind this president and back him because he is the only one that is doing all of this for us the people!

      • PJ says:

        Helen, very sad commentary. Thank goodness President Trump has the personality and perseverance that he does to withstand the lies and deceit the Democrats have thrown in his path this past four years. All made-up accusations pushed by their buddies, the MSM, and proven to be totally false! Take your blinders off Helen and pray to our Almighty Father that Joe Biden and his minions do NOT get in office.

    • Ss says:

      Amen! Amen!!

    • arlene fritz says:

      this was a rigged election , the judges should be fired.they would’nt even listen to trumps lawyer rudy. they had enough proff .

  7. Raymond Salvatore Severini jr says:

    Not an election with out of country machines rigged election
    Civil war soon

    • Maria Vasilopoulos says:

      Amen. Yes, Biden and the Liberals RIGGED the ELECTION! This must be corrected, or we will end up in a CIVIL WAR! Biden is a Traitor and a CROOKED politician!

  8. Carlend Doan says:

    Papa Joe does not have the intellect nor the moral integrity to lead our great nation. He loves little girls and seems unable to keep his hands off of them. Is this the kind of person you want in your oval office? NOT ME! Please forward this If you agree.

  9. Doug Walk says:

    Biden couldn’t clean latrines successfully without trying to ‘steal something’ ????

  10. alfreda morris says:

    I agree

  11. Norm says:

    Biden is a useless POS

  12. Judith LePenske says:

    Yes, an excellent decision …… this election was definitely rigged, without a doubt!!!

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