Hunter Biden Is Getting Away With His Alleged Crimes?

Hunter Biden

( – Hunter Biden, the controversial son of President Joe Biden, will most likely avoid having to answer for serious crimes such as money laundering through a federal plea deal that will see him admit only to small gun and tax charges, according to a forecast by an ex-official of the Department of Justice.

Hunter Biden has been under federal investigation for financial crimes since 2019, a year before the first leaks from his “laptop from hell” started to become public after the computer was abandoned in a Delaware repair shop in 2020. The FBI is believed to be in possession of at least one other of Hunter’s computers.

The laptop and a backup copy of Hunter Biden’s iPhone stored on it have been the sources of shocking revelations about his drug and alcohol addiction, frequent use of prostitutes, lavish lifestyle, money problems, and suspicious international financial deals.

Recently, there have been reports that federal prosecutors are about to complete the investigation into the First Son.

However, lawyer Jim Trusty has forecast that Hunter Biden will likely receive a “generous plea” deal, thus getting away with any major crimes he may have committed.

“From the reporting that I have read, it seems more like a generous guilty plea is on the horizon, not some sort of sweeping indictment,” said Trusty, as The New York Post cited.

“It does not take four years to put together a dinky gun case or many of the cases deemed ‘tax cases. We’re not hearing the word ‘conspiracy’ and we are hearing and seeing an awful lot of drug addiction vignettes, so I think the ‘critical phase’ could be more about reaching a plea agreement designed to end the entire inquiry rather than seeing a fully investigated “pay-to-play” scheme,” elaborated the former chief of the DOJ’s Organized Crime Section.

At the same time, Trusty and other law experts dismissed concerns that the federal officials may be unwilling to bring significant charges against the First Son because of the coming midterm elections in November.

Another expert, Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, said he is worried that “key witnesses, including President Biden, have not been called” for testimonies before a grand jury.

“It is not clear how the prosecutors would eliminate conspiracy charges or a wider array of wrongdoing without speaking to such key players,” he insisted.