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House GOP Rallying To Trump’s Defense

Rep. Mo Brooks said Monday that “dozens” of House Republicans might sign onto objections to the Electoral College results on Jan. 6, when a joint session of Congress meets to announce the numbers,” according to The Washington Times.

Mr. Brooks said there is “overwhelming” and “compelling” evidence of “serious voter fraud and election theft” in the 2020 election.

“‘There are dozens in the House of Representatives who have reached that conclusion, as I have,’ the Alabama Republican said on “Fox & Friends.” ‘We’re going to sponsor and co-sponsor objections to the Electoral College vote returns of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and maybe more depending on where we collectively want to go.’

“Mr. Brooks said it’s unclear if any senators will join them. House members need support from at least one senator for an objection to be heard and debated.

Senate Republican leaders have warned their members not to sign onto the effort.”

For more on this story, go to The Washington Times.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe congressional Republicans in both the House and Senate should contest the 2020 Presidential Election and replace Joe Biden with Donald Trump? Or, do you believe the Electoral College vote is accurate and correct?


  1. Roy Neff says:

    My opinion is The Election is fraud starting with the fact that no candidate should be allowed to be The President of Our Country that has dementia. With that in mind I don’t believe that 80 million voters voted for Biden. President Trump won Ohio and I believe that he won PA, MI, Wi, Ga, AZ, And NA. I don’t believe the mail in ballots were counted properly which means The Electoral Vote counts are wrong.

  2. R Froom says:

    Anyone with common sense and a conscience knows the Truth of all the Fraud Committed. Hopefully they will have the courage of of forefathers Not to Allow the existing Great President to Continue his well earned 2nd term (ONLY DIS-QUALIFICATION) FOR THOSE CHEAT! Claims of Margins do not out-weigh the Mountains of Evidence. Root Cause is COWARDICE that Antifa will be on your doorstep; you WILL regret it if you don’t STOP it NOW!

  3. Liz says:

    I pray all the Republican House and the Republican Senate all vote to save President Trump. Why is Mitch so pushy about getting rid of Trump? How much money did he get? I am serious I thought he was one of the best Senators the Republican Party ever had but somewhere he has done something wrong and possibly someone from the Democrat party caught him. There’s blackmail and there is also a lot of money passed around during this election. May God help us.

  4. Lis Anderson says:

    Yes, both Houses of Congress must refuse to accept the Electoral College votes.

  5. Herb Lashway says:

    If you have all the proof of fraud then make dam sure the United States of America knows everything and put the Democrats in their place once and for all!!!!

  6. Cathy f Lee says:

    I am ashamed of all EL3CTED OFFICIALS.Both house and congress Representative’s should reject this fraudulent election.

    It is very obvious that there were foreign countries involvement.There was also PROOF OF BIDENS ILLEGAL INVOLVEMENT.

    We as voters need a fair and honest elections.

    I donot want a socialist, communist parties to take over our country.
    It is obvious President Trump was cheated out of this election.

    So put on your big boys pants and do what is right for the voter’s that voted .

  7. James R Moss says:

    If the Republicans want to keep there Party from going out of existence, they better get of there rump and squash these illegitimate electoral votes. This means both the House and the Senate. The People are watching your ever move. We are tried of the same old same old and if they think the 72 million that voted for Trump are going away, they better think again.

  8. mariano says:

    There is a lot of strength in unity. Congressional Republicans should unite and do what is necessary to stop the Electoral College from moving on confirming Biden as president. Biden did not win this election and he should be kept out of office. The Democrats and the Press were going to stop President Trump from office for an additional four years at any cost. They have wanted to keep him out of office since he became our President and they would certainly cheat to keep him out of office for 4 more years.

  9. Margaret Barlocker says:

    We believe President Trump has been divinely appointed to uncover the vipers in D.C. and clean up our political system! Trump’s whole life has prepared him for the job. Who else could have survived fighting the swamp for 4 years and made our country stronger at the same time. God and the majority of the American people are with President Trump!!!! The truth will prevail and Trump 4 more years!!!

  10. Steven Terrell says:

    Mich is only interested in his election and has thrown the president under the bus. Any Republican that does not support the president in his fight for survival is a Rino at heart. We must support our president in order to save America from destruction.

  11. Frank annessa says:

    I think president Trump should continue to fight to retain his presidency, shame on the republican senate for not supporting him in this fight, it is clear that there was substantial fraud in the balloting, shame on the yellow bellies in congress who ignore this, this was America not some third world country that things like this this happens in where are the ethics, where is the America we all know and love. Dont let this country succomb to the radical left agenda. We dont want anymore illegals and druggies crossing the border, the whole world must be thinking what foolish patsys we are, stop wasting our wealth and taking away our way of life away

  12. Anne says:

    Any person with half a brain knows Pres. Trump won. How can Joe Biden possibly have won when he didn’t leave his house and has done NOTHING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN 47 YEARS. Democrats along with the Media lied, cheated and got down right evil to get Trump out. They want to so called TRANSFORM America not for the better they want the power and with that they will destroy what our Founding Father’s put forth. Republicans should get off their duffs and fight for this Country and for Pres. Trump or join the SWAMP CREATURES of the looney left!. KEEP AMERICA GREAT AND FIGHT FOR HER !!!

  13. A M says:

    If none of this flies with the Electoral College, in my opinion, there are only three options left.
    1) The 2018 Exec. Order about foreign actors interfering in our election.

    2) The Insurrection Act. ( conduct a re-vote of the battleground states
    controlled by the military )

    3) Marshall Law. Round up all responsible for this ‘Coup” attempt and hold
    them for trial in Gitmo.

    PS – I understand the Justice Dept. has re-instituted the firing squad as a
    means of dispatching felons.

    • FT says:

      #2 is the Best choice. However, there is a more important issue. The E-College votes have been cast. President of the Senate [Mike Pence] will officially count them. Seven states have submitted DOUBLE sets of votes…and Pence needs to throw them all out. Therefore no candidate gets 270 votes, and the 50 states decide, with 1 vote each. Results = Trump’s 2nd term.

  14. Holly Rose says:

    Get rid of the republicans and get rid of trump.

    • Susan says:

      “Holly Rose” you’re a disgraceful Traitor who needs to go live in Communist China.

    • Pat J says:

      Go away Holly Dolly, you are the problem in our beloved country! People like you are ruining the freedom in America that my own Father and our forefathers fought so hard for.

  15. Carol A. Weiner says:

    If this election is not counted accurately it will continue on a downhill track for years to come. President Donald Trump won the election in a landslide. Vice President Joe Biden was not the true winner of the 2020 election. The electoral college needs to demand a true and accurate count and stand up for that even if it requires some more time. The voting machines need to be closely examined by knowledgeable people who can honestly determine any fraudulent capabilities of the machines involved. President Donald Trump won his second term fair and square. Do not go so low as to steal an election from the true winner especially in light of all the affidavits, films, witnesses who are willing to testify as to the fraud they saw and deliveries of fraudulent ballots in the dead of night to be counted in with the actual real ballots. Our country is too precious to Americans to allow this to happen. Stand up and fight for the true winner of the 2020 Presidential Election President Donald Trump.

  16. William Alvin Smith says:

    So, so true! These republican supposed leaders will be primaries and thrown out! Actually would prefer them tarred and feathered, tied to a fence rail and thrown into the sea where they can paddle to a country they like! GOD BLESS TRUMP!!!

  17. Craig says:

    Well let’s get this straight… if you were cheated out of something of great value to you, would you be a little angry to say the least?! Of course you would… unless you are a democrat then it’s just second nature to LIE, STEAL, CHEAT, KILL BABIES OUTSIDE THE WOMB!!! These people are the scum of the earth period. Do you remember when they go lo we go hi?! Hell yeah we remember and that B•tch has been throwing uppercuts from the gutter ever since. Democrat governor says idk if it’s me in the KKK outfit, or BLACKFACE and gets to keep his job…. if that were Trump it’s over gtf out!!!! Whoopi’s old actor Bo goes BLACFACE and he gets new tv show acting like a mayor how rich is that!!! We all wish we had set as BIG as the ones WHOOPI straps on!!! If there is no fraud senator Mitch McConnell, and rep. Adam Kinzinger why would rep. Mo Brooks do this? Because he’s a moronic a•• clown?! Because he’s a true patriot crying out the fraud that has been thrust upon the republic… you once served as a patriot mr. Kinzinger now you serve and bow down to your swamp master Mitch McConnell you phucking punk!!! Come get sum Adam!!! If this sham holds up and they say Dopey incoherent stuttering Jo, FAKE doctor Jill and dishonorable discharged NAVY BOY HUNTER AKA CRACKPIPE are in then you cheating bastards deserve the whole damn pie. Take both those GA senate seats if you are true thieves you want it all schumer said the world is ours!!! Let’s see Mitch dance to Chucky’s tune!!! Phuck all you RINO’S 2022 is coming vote em all out!!! Term limits, oh yeah the swamp and dominion won’t allow that. God bless 45, God bless general Flynn, God bless the USA!!! STOP THE STEAL January 6 in DC!!! RISE UP AMERICA!!!!

    • Jim says:

      Craig, I think you covered it all. You didn’t miss a thing. I hope I live to see the democrap party outlawed in America. I watched a video where Putin was asked for his opinion of Biden. Putin said that under Biden, America will be more COMMUNIST that the Soviet Union ever was. When you have shitheads like Bernie, AOC, Warren and all the former Obama fuckup’s being put on Biden’s staff, what could go wrong? The whole world is laughing at America, especially the Biden family’s buddies in China.

  18. Mabel Moyer says:

    I believe that the house and senate should fight with every resource that they have to keep President Trump. After all technically he has won the election, Biden stole the election!

    • FT says:

      Hey Mable Moyer … Biden hasn’t won & Trump hasn’t lost. The Electoral votes have been cast. The official count will be done in a few days by the President of the Senate, (a.k.a. Mike Pence). Since 7 states have submitted double ballots, Pence, (in fairness to the voters of those states AND to all of the voters in America), needs to throw ALL of those E-College votes out. Then neither candidate will reach the 270 votes needed to be elected. If this can happen, and it should, the winner will be chosen by our 50 states. Each state gets one vote, and Trump prevails with a second term.

    • James R Moss says:

      After all President fought for every one of them that were up for reelection. Loyalty works both ways.

  19. Bonnie says:

    Why are our Congressional leaders such chicken-shits? They lie, cheat and steal votes to get elected and then turn their backs on their constituents? Donald Trump is a hero and every one of them should be thankful that Trump has saved our country. If we don’t want communism here, reelect Donald Trump! He is the only one with any guts!

  20. frank says:

    all senators should join in and sign this document including BARR who should have brought out the Hunter Biden criminal activities Barr should have know better than to wait.

  21. debra says:

    the house and the senate should stand up and fight for OUR PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!!!!! and not be chicken sh-t. you know and WE know he has been the BEST president we have had in the 1800s.

  22. The swamp is deep both republicans and the Demoncrats are involved and they don’t want the money to dry up. But the Republicans must stand up and contest this illegal election. if they don’t stand with Trump now our country is doomed. We will see this Republic destroyed never to ever able to recover.There are so many bad thing that will happen, i can’t and don’t know all of it.

  23. Susan Cooper says:

    Is unfair to say mail-in votes are all a fraud. I have mailed my votes for
    many years simply because I cannot not stand in line for long lengths of time.
    But there are several fail safes to prevent crooked votes. That is what has happened here. There are examples of counters speaking to supervising personnel and being told to fill in the missing information. We the true mail-ins have to attest to our signature. How does a deceased person do that? This has been a well planned disgrace of our most cherished right.

  24. Jeanelle says:

    President Trump is the president of the people not the deep state. I believe with all my well being this election was rigged from the start and the electoral vote ahould be contested. Republican representatives and senators should absolutely stand up and support the citizens who voted for President Trump and for President Trump. He is fighting for us and America. If we don’t fight this and let the Dems get by with such outrageous fraud we will never have another fair election or Republican in power.

  25. Beverly says:

    They are missing the point. It’s not whose in office. It’s the process that failed. How can we trust the voting system if no one contests it? It’s simple to check. All you have to do is see whose registered and see how they voted. It no signature or if the person is deceased it’s not counted. Why are we making this into a covid thing? If we don’t do the process than you are allowing people who have no basis to vote to vote. So why are we giving trump this much aggravation? He’s only trying to make the system legitimate. Why can’t the bodies who’s suppose to uphold this not upholding this? That’s the mind blowing and very illogical. Do your job that’s all we are asking for. Make us believe in our system which we have rel doubts over especially since Biden states I won because of 73% mail in votes That statement alone meant something is terribly wrong.

  26. Peter says:

    The votes should be contested. Voter fraud has been shown. Giving Biden this election will be the downfall of our nation

  27. Back President because the Dumocrats have been against him from the being and all the illegal, people that voted more than once and dead people’s votes should not count! That is illegal and if it were the Republicans doing it it would be extremely illegal!!! President Trump won the election for 4 more years and if Biden steels it he and the Dumocrats will destroy our freedom, our ways of making an income, etc. The Dumocrats are being controlled by the Devil!

  28. James Brushitis says:

    Both the Republican house members and Republican senate members need to unite and reject the nomination of Joe Biden for president. If what I have been reading is true then the total election was a scam by the deep state and Democrats and needs to be overturned. If not this country is lost forever to them. They have to remember that we the people voted them into their respective offices and they need to support the American people not some self interest and be threatened to look the other way.

  29. Donald says:

    I think the election should be contested there was voter fraud

  30. Jack Smith. says:


  31. ginger says:

    STAND FOR AMERICA,don’t be lilly-livered chickens. time to be republican men and not scared little boys

  32. JOE SALCEDO says:

    I know that the election rigged.

  33. Gary S Cornwell says:

    I will not vote Republican for Senate next time if Senate does not back Republican support for Trump winning a second term along with Republicans in House!!!!! Mitch ..better listen up!!!!

  34. Reba says:

    Republicans are notorious for doing nothing when it really matters. I vote Republican because their basic platform is what I prescribe to. But let’s be real, they are afraid to buck the system when it comes down to it. We voted for Trump because he isn’t part of the system. That’s why the Dems and the swamp hate him, and that includes, unfortunately, many republicans. Please, Republican Congress and Republican senators sign onto this questioning of the electors and voting outcome. The future of our country ultimately hangs in the balance. The Supreme Court has already shown their anti constitutional swamp faces, even the Trump nominees. Don’t go along with the traitorous crowd. Stand up for America and be heard.

  35. Edward Holland says:

    There was so much fraud, it is a wonder no justices are looking into this. That is why this country is in for a rude awakening. They must be on the take also.

    • Barry Ingram says:

      The fix is in the left hates trump they like the money they get from China boats cars building and Chinese Hookers joe Biden is in over his head with CHINA THE MAN CANT PUT 10 words together go get your HENRY RIFLES AND LOTS OF AMMUNITION WERE GONNA NEED IT BOYS AND GIRLS SOROS IS GOING TO KEEP BAILING OUT CROOKS AND CRIMINALS BLM GANGS ANTIFA WELCOME TO THE LOST AMERICAN WAY GOD HELP US ALL AMEN😇🙏🏼👌🏼🆙

  36. Doug says:

    Republicans SHOULD contest and sign. Mail in votes were a fraud

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