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House GOP Rallying To Trump’s Defense

Rep. Mo Brooks said Monday that “dozens” of House Republicans might sign onto objections to the Electoral College results on Jan. 6, when a joint session of Congress meets to announce the numbers,” according to The Washington Times.

Mr. Brooks said there is “overwhelming” and “compelling” evidence of “serious voter fraud and election theft” in the 2020 election.

“‘There are dozens in the House of Representatives who have reached that conclusion, as I have,’ the Alabama Republican said on “Fox & Friends.” ‘We’re going to sponsor and co-sponsor objections to the Electoral College vote returns of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and maybe more depending on where we collectively want to go.’

“Mr. Brooks said it’s unclear if any senators will join them. House members need support from at least one senator for an objection to be heard and debated.

Senate Republican leaders have warned their members not to sign onto the effort.”

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