‘Horror Show’ if Trump Re-Elected Says Former AG Barr

(DCWatchdog.com) – Former Attorney General Bill Barr spoke out on Friday, stating that if former President Donald Trump were to be re-elected, his presidency would be a “horror show.”

Barr attributes this to Trump’s lack of “discipline” and inability to think strategically, which are necessary for accomplishing goals.

Barr expressed his concerns at the City Club of Cleveland in Ohio, saying, “It is a horror show, you know, when… he’s left to his own devices.” He went on to explain that even if people support Trump’s policies, Trump himself will struggle to execute and achieve them.

A reporter asked Barr if Trump is fit to serve as president again, noting that some voters want Trump back in office for his policies and are willing to overlook his past mistakes. Barr responded, “He does not have the discipline. He does not have the ability for strategic thinking and linear thinking or setting priorities or how to get things done in the system.”

Barr continued, “And, and so you may want his policies. But Trump will not deliver Trump policies.” Instead, he said Trump would bring chaos and potentially cause a backlash that would set his policies even further back.

Recent Fox News polls show Trump as the favored Republican candidate for the 2024 election, ahead of popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has not yet announced his candidacy but is rumored to be considering a run.

Bill Barr served as attorney general under Trump from 2019 to 2020 and also held the position during the George H. W. Bush administration.

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